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Date/Time:2022-04-18 @ 1250
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Note:NGB: NUPHAR Lake FULLEST I've seen - opaque greenish thermal waters flowing in from Porcelain Terrace Springs- the little boardwalk is almost under water and requires balancing on a makeshift lodgepole bridge to even get to it - I didn't cross it but could hear STRONG flow coming in from Porcelain

Glad to hear your back in the park. Can't wait to read all your Norris observations again!
Entrant: Brando
Time Entered:2022-04-18 19:59:11
Time Uploaded:2022-04-18 19:59:10
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Fullest I have ever seen it too. Looks like it is drowning trees at its edges. As seen from road. And that colloidal green color - wow. Lori S
Entrant: ypcaribou
Time Entered:2022-04-18 20:47:20
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