Note 22922

Date/Time:2022-07-28 @ 1419
Time Entered:2022-07-28 14:20:31
Time Uploaded:2022-07-28 14:20:31
Note:(wc) The camera has spent a fair amount of time on Giantess today: Mostly small but very wide boils, a lot of them are only a minute or two apart. The biggest boil of the day was at 1418, similar to the largest ones in the past few days. A lot of the boils are along the East rim.

Also worth noting the 1418 boil did not feature the usual build-up to a large boil, but came out of the blue and slowly sizzled out.
Entrant: JarnoO
Time Entered:2022-07-28 16:25:10
Time Uploaded:2022-07-28 16:25:10
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