Note 23064

Date/Time From:2022-08-05 @ 1812
Date/Time To:2022-08-05 @ 1932
Time Entered:2022-08-06 00:34:17
Time Uploaded:2022-08-06 00:34:17
Note:Jet resumed low rumbling after Super Frying Pan ended at 1812, then had louder rumbling at 1833, then heavy grumbling with no water at 1842 and 1853. Finally it had a weak initial minor at 1857 with brief jetting from only 2 vents. It followed with loud grumbles with no water at 1859 and 1901, then a mostly normal minor at 1905. It followed with very weak minors at 1912, 1914, and 1925, and finally began having majors at 1932.

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