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Note:Vault's water level rose since yesterday and continued to rise slightly through this observation period. 1352 - 1 ft. NE boil with some runoff. 1402 wide N rim boil with multiple points of runoff. 1410 - estimated 2 ft. center pool/S rim boil. 1418 - impressive center pool/ S rim boil that I believe reached 3 ft. It did not maintain that height for long, but it broadened, lasted for 1m+, and was wide enough to cover the east half of the pool for probably 30s. 1422 and 1423 - low, wide N rim boils with runoff. 1425 and 1427 - wide N boils with notable runoff. Overall, activity quieted down after 1430 except for a NE boil at 1452 that put substantial runoff over the rim.

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Ben VL
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