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Note:Upon arrival, the runoff channel between Giantess and Teakettle Spring was wet down to the bottom of the hill (evidence of runoff overnight). Vault was at about mid-level, the same as it was 8/12/22. Most of the boiling events during the morning/afternoon were along the N and NW side of the pool (in contrast to the predominating N/NE and E boiling seen more frequently this season). Many wide boils seen throughout the morning. Most were about 6", but a handful were 1-2'. At 0919 a 2' N boil put heavy runoff out the N/NW side of the pool - enough to create a cascade of water down a jagged part of the sinter platform facing Teakettle spring. The best activity observed was in the half hour preceding Beehive's 1106 eruption. From 1027-1029 there was an extended period of N rim boiling that reached up to 2' and at times consumed large areas of the pool. At 1039 a wide NE boil that was 2-3 ft. put runoff out the N side of the pool. Generally impressive boils with moderate amounts of NW runoff continued until 1058, when I left after seeing Beehive's Indicator ie. Upon return at 1120, Vault had begun visibly dropping and the activity at Giantess had died down considerably. The one exception was at 1211, when a sudden NW boil 2' in height put a significant amount of runoff down the NW channel and again created a cascade along that side of the platform. No notable boiling events occurred from then until I departed at 1315.

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Ben VL
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