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Geyser:Fungoid Spring
Date/Time From:2022-08-16 @ 1718
Date/Time To:2022-08-16 @ 1920
Time Entered:2022-08-16 19:27:52
Time Updated:2022-08-16 19:51:38
Time Uploaded:2022-08-16 19:51:40
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Area under observation during this time after report from Steve Eide of eruption approx 1645. Crater empty initially. Filled by 1800, OF within 15 minutes, although crater when full sits about an inch below most of crater rim. Water seems to escape via several small interruptions in sinter rim. For at least last 45 minutes, gentle boiling over the vent. Steve wasn't sure if the observed eruption was the initial in a series or a later eruption, so we bailed about 2.5 hours post eruption. I noticed no eruptions or notes detailing Fungoid's pre-eruptive behavior, so I hope this helps the next observer.

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