Note 23322

Date/Time From:2022-08-21 @ 0944
Date/Time To:2022-08-21 @ 1015
Observer:Lori S
Time Entered:2022-08-21 09:48:30
Time Updated:2022-08-22 07:23:46
Time Uploaded:2022-08-22 07:23:46
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Arrived back to water level about the same as earlier. No visitor that came from Vixen to Fearless reported seeing Vixen erupting. 0955 Water level dropping. Dropped about 2" in 5 minutes. Bubbles continue to rise and cause ripples every so often. 1004 Rising again back to where it was. 1009 going back down. 1013 back down the 2" again. Water bouncing a bit. 1016 rising again, bubbles, can see a water "flow" upward at vent. 1020 Just started back down. Did this rise and fall of 2" repeatedly with no eruption.

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