Note 2353

Date/Time:2015-09-15 @ 1849
Observer:Devin and Demetri
Time Entered:2015-09-15 18:52:15
Time Uploaded:2015-09-15 18:52:15
Note:Bijou restarted at 0250, we left at 0323 for sleep and warmth. Nothing really exciting happened once it started. Gip had visible water, but lowered shortly after Bjou started. A couple of bubblers were going on the platform, but nothing to suggest a hot period was underway.

I was there from around 0630 to around 9,and Bijou wouldn't quite stop long enough to let the water rise up.
Entrant: CPartner
Time Entered:2015-09-15 21:17:56
Time Uploaded:2015-09-15 21:18:02
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