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Geyser:South Grotto Fountain
Date/Time From:2022-09-11 @ 1350
Date/Time To:2022-09-11 @ 1520
Time Entered:2022-09-11 17:41:28
Time Uploaded:2022-09-11 17:41:28
Note:During this time there were 11 solo eruptions of South Grotto Fountain. Intervals were 7-14 minutes, reaching heights of 15' max. Grotto seemed ready to erupt throughout with pressure pool cycling every 10 minutes. Generally, SGF began eruptions following pressure pool drops and shut off before it rose. More info on this odd grotto incoming once my phone connects to the internet.

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Time Entered:2022-09-11 18:28:33
Time Uploaded:2022-09-11 18:28:33
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