Note 24102

Geyser:Lemon Spring
Date/Time From:2022-09-25 @ 1150
Date/Time To:2022-09-25 @ 1222
Time Entered:2022-09-25 12:15:49
Time Updated:2022-09-25 12:22:34
Time Uploaded:2022-09-25 20:08:20
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Best part of the road closure is the ability to spend time safely at these little guys. Arrived at 1145 and pool was barely out of overflow. At 1148 was noted to be overflowing to the east. 1201 dropped put of overflow bybabout an inch. 1208 started to fill again. Occasional small bubbles noted during refill but otherwise quiet. 1214 just reached overflow. 1218 pool is completely full and overflow heavier and more small bubbling and rippling noted to center of the pool. At 1221 it dipped below overflow again. Very fun to watch it rise and fall. Pool is pretty, clear, and blue. Small area of orange on the western edges only.

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