Note 24127

Date/Time:2022-09-26 @ 1516
Time Entered:2022-09-26 15:17:12
Time Updated:2022-09-26 20:14:16
Time Uploaded:2022-09-26 21:12:09
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Bubbling left side strong enough to break the surface and send out a small wave. Main action is over the left edge of the deep part of the crater, close to the first overflow channel (the nearest/leftmost of 3 channels on the far side of the pool). Little bubbles coming up every minute with a series of bubbles all at once breaking the surface every minute or two. Strength of the bubbling slowly increased. 1538 bubbling in a line on left side and in the middle while still having the bubble series that break the surface in the same left spot as earlier. 1640 more bubbling close to the boardwalk, this is the first time it has been frequent here. 1650 bubbles everywhere, small flood, thumps, and start of the eruption.

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