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Date/Time From:2022-10-28 @ 0836
Date/Time To:2022-10-28 @ 1838
Time Entered:2022-10-28 19:44:47
Time Updated:2022-10-28 20:34:23
Time Uploaded:2022-10-28 20:45:26
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Definitely Periodic! Thought I heard splashes in the morn but couldn't see a thing. Low burbles then were observed to pause every ~5m. As visibility improved I could see some decent height bursts some as much as 4ft, full bodied and wide. Those best-bursts lasted 30s or less then the flow {and steam} flowing into Colloidal would cease. Some of the low play would not evolve into the larger bursts but no way to know which would or would not, and finding an actual start to time was a problem, so I collected times of the biggest bursts as 'IE near end' because I wanted these intervals saved for the record. Some are obviously not Closed Intervals as Constant or Whirligig took my attentions but you get the idea.

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