Note 24527

Date/Time From:2022-10-29 @ 1346
Date/Time To:2022-10-29 @ 1746
Time Entered:2022-10-29 16:10:38
Time Updated:2022-10-29 17:48:07
Time Uploaded:2022-10-29 20:13:05
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Kinda funny after last week w 9.5 hours of Shorts I decided not to note 'Low start' over and over but it did strike me as odd to see them so early - then had an abrupt slow down - in case I don't write it up it could be the shortest string of frequent intervals this season but I'll check at home - waited 2hrs for the SW catch basin to dry out then went for a walkabout - left it @1746 in a slow fill w 20 min fill & drop cycles so this Interval greater than 5hrs

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