Note 24539

Geyser:Branch Spring
Date/Time From:2022-10-29 @ 0841
Date/Time To:2022-10-29 @ 0845
Time Entered:2022-10-29 09:16:25
Time Updated:2022-10-29 17:20:05
Time Uploaded:2022-10-29 20:13:06
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:low quiet pool @0841 - 1st bubble @0843 w slight outwash- heavy boil commenced @1:31 after 1st bubble with immediate heavy outflow - dropped out of ovfl @3:55 - next 1st bubble @0849 - it got quiet this time for a few seconds before launching into the heavy boil @0855 - so generally a 6min cycle with D ~4min if timing start from 1st bubble - if timing heavy boil to end D=approx 2.5 min

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