Note 24822

Date/Time From:2023-01-02 @ 1409
Date/Time To:2023-01-02 @ 1410
Observer:KorbenC, Graham, CalebD
Time Entered:2023-01-02 14:43:49
Time Uploaded:2023-01-02 14:43:49
Note:Heavy (Railing Height) boiling observed on the webcam. Thanks to Korben and Graham for help idetifying the feature.

I would say there was steam but no boil that high. Steam may have gone under boardwalk and then billowed up. Cound not see it very well on the cam.
Entrant: Graham
Time Entered:2023-01-02 15:14:32
Time Uploaded:2023-01-02 15:14:32
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