Note 26549

Geyser:Cinnamon West
Date/Time From:2023-06-14 @ 0913
Date/Time To:2023-06-14 @ 1426
Time Entered:2023-06-20 22:02:45
Time Updated:2023-06-20 22:04:04
Time Uploaded:2023-06-20 22:04:04
Note:For at least 2 hours (before 0913 to after 1120) Cinnamon West was erupting every 3-4 minutes, starting about 10 seconds after Cinnamon Spouter reached overflow, and pouring copious runoff into the sand to the west. Cinnamon would fall nearly silent and rapidly drain to ~25cm below overflow while Cinnamon West was active, then resume splashing while it refilled. By 1426, Cinnamon Spouter was once again in continuous overflow and fully in charge, and remained that way each time I looked at it the next 3 days.

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