Note 2700

Geyser:Three Vent Geyser
Date/Time From:2015-08-13 @ 1634
Date/Time To:2015-08-13 @ 1646
Observer:James St. John
Time Entered:2016-02-27 23:28:07
Time Updated:2016-02-28 01:43:31
Time Uploaded:2016-02-27 23:43:30
Note:Low to very low spouting from a little before 1634 to 1636. Somewhat intermittent, moderately low bursting at 1638 to 1646. Eruptive activity is originating from the "4B Vent" of Keller (2005) - GOSA Transactions 9: 121-133. The 4B Vent is at the southwestern corner of Three Vent Geyser's basin.

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See clip 3 of this video compilation for Three Vent Geyser's 4:34 to 4:46 PM activity on 13 August 2015.Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2016-02-28 00:24:42
Time Uploaded:2016-02-28 00:24:42