Note 28607

Geyser:Other Geyser
Date/Time:2023-10-02 @ 0917
Time Entered:2023-10-02 19:15:57
Time Updated:2023-10-02 19:46:06
Time Uploaded:2023-10-02 19:46:06
Note:(wc) Steam began rising from Spatter's (UGB; opposite of Sprinkler, 44°27'52.9"N 110°50'07.9"W based on Google Maps and Geysers of Yellowstone) spot. Might have included water. In any case it's the earliest recorded activity I have from Spatter, though I do want to note that I only skimmed the overnight captures. Cam panned to the Hill a minute later, so I don't know if other activity followed.

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