Note 29205

Date/Time From:2023-10-29 @ 1100
Date/Time To:2023-10-29 @ 1150
Time Entered:2023-10-29 11:01:14
Time Updated:2023-10-29 11:54:21
Time Uploaded:2023-10-29 11:54:21
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Appears to have just recently began overflowing towards Grand, Also seeping towards the boardwalk. 1110 Runoff increasing towards Grand, now in two channels. 1120 Runoff continues to increase and a third channel at the far end of the pool is now flowing as well. 1128 Entire south rim overflowing towards Grand, a really sudden increase. Convection over the vent. Also overflowing towards the boardwalk. 1136 Channels towards Grand are completely flooded, just a massive amount of runoff. 1143 Overflow has decreased, channels facing the boardwalk are barely a trickle, and the Grand side is not so floody anymore but still covering the whole rim. 1145 Boardwalk side Overflow completely stopped. Bits of the south rim are beginning to resurface. 1148 Overflow is now consolidated to just three channels on the south side. 1150 Leaving as cycle is near the end and barely overflowing.

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