Note 29399

Date/Time From:2011-08-20 @ 1000
Date/Time To:2011-08-20 @ 1530
Observer:2011 Norris log
Time Entered:2023-11-03 16:24:46
Time Uploaded:2023-11-03 16:24:46
Note:8/20/2011 (~1000), Minute Geyser and the hot spring just to its east have changed in behavior in appearance at 1530 Minute’s secondary vent – just east of the perpetually spouting vent – is bubbling, where at 1000 it was calm. The hot spring – its usual milky green w/gentle bubbling at 1000 – is now muddy with the film on top (orange) bubbling more vigorously, and significantly higher water level.

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