Note 29881

Date/Time:2000-06-24 @ 1120
Observer:2000 Norris log
Time Entered:2023-11-11 08:11:52
Time Uploaded:2023-11-11 08:11:52
Note:6/24/2000 Dr Nordstrom, USGS doing research at Minute and pool next to it - monitored pH & temperature. -- Minute – Boiling 7.19 pH Branch – 80° 3.19 pH He says it may be because the cooler more acidic is drawing water from closer to the surface and hotter more neutral from lower down. Note: 1120 am Minute Geyser was not spouting when my group arrived, but it started up again. Dr Nordstrom says it was still spouting when he left at about 1030

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