Note 3197

Geyser:East Sentinel
Date/Time From:2016-07-03 @ 1332
Date/Time To:2016-07-03 @ 1530
Observer:James St. John
Time Entered:2016-07-04 00:13:46
Time Uploaded:2016-07-04 00:13:46
Note:East Sentinel Geyser was in minor eruption from 1332 to 1530 from the side vent. Activity ranged from moderately weak to moderately vigorous splashing. Pool water level varied, with episodes of good overflow to intermittent overflow to no overflow. Brief pauses in eruptive activity at 1401 and 1455 and 1514. Moderately vigorous splashing at 1437 to 1438 wet part of the cone. No major eruptions observed, angled or vertical.

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