Note 32754

Geyser:Scummy Pool
Date/Time:1973-08-26 @ 1200
Observer:1973 Norris log
Time Entered:2023-12-13 09:27:49
Time Uploaded:2023-12-13 09:27:49
Note:08/26/1973 - no time noted - Water levels still low in Porcelain Basin – still no runoff into Pinwheel; Colloidal still much and agitated; Congress still grey & drop of water level a couple of inches; Scummy Pool has settled; Blue geyser is drained at least halfway but shows eruptive activity. Green Apple Cider Spring has agitation – no eruptions seen; Hot Spring to the NW of Green Apple Cider Spring is erupting to at least 3 feet – the diameter is ~ the size of Blue’s basin -& there is considerable runoff (appearing like a large pond) – the runoff flows out toward Constant, then SW between Constant & Africa

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