Note 33274

Date/Time:1967-08-17 @ 1200
Observer:E. Leigh ~ Norris Thermal Record 1967-69
Time Entered:2023-12-21 07:44:01
Time Updated:2023-12-21 07:46:09
Time Uploaded:2023-12-21 07:45:58
Note:Aug 17 1967 12:00 a.m. [sic – see log entries as PM] The geyser is located north of Fireball Geyser... The geyser has been playing only 3 to 6 inches all summer. On Aug 17 the geyser played muddy water about 12 to 15 feet for about 10 minutes. = The geyser played again at 5:02 about 20 feet for ten minutes.

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