Note 33698

Geyser:Colloidal Pool
Date/Time:1995-07-29 @ 0602
Observer:Sturtevant 1995
Time Entered:2023-12-30 17:10:57
Time Uploaded:2023-12-30 17:10:57
Note:Disturbance activity "hit" Norris on 29 July 1995. This observer was sitting at Ledge Geyser at 06:02 when nearby Scummy Pool had what can only be described as "...a big, chocolate brown burp!" Scummy's surface surged to about 3 feet and the discharge was chocolate brown and thick. At the same time, Sunday Geyser turned muddy brown as did Colloidal Pool. Gosa SPUT Vol 9 No 5 October 1995: “Recent Disturbance Activity in the Norris Geyser Basin” reported by Smokey Sturtevant

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