Note 33761

Date/Time:2024-01-08 @ 0820
Time Entered:2024-01-08 09:05:43
Time Updated:2024-01-08 18:51:21
Time Uploaded:2024-01-08 18:51:22
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:0820 Recovered and in overflow. Overflowing all sides, pooling water across the other side of the boardwalk. Seeing convection over the vent but no bubbling. There are some bubbles coming up near the front rim. Note that the day before it erupted there was steady light bubbling over the vent, sending waves across the pool. 1220 below overflow in crater brown ring area. 1315 Back in light overflow. 1339 below overflow but not by much. ~1430 lower, water in crater brown ring area.

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