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Date/Time:2024-01-09 @ 0742
Time Entered:2024-01-09 07:42:15
Time Updated:2024-01-09 18:40:21
Time Uploaded:2024-01-09 18:40:21
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:Economic water levels were up and down a small amount today. In the afternoon, I saw bubbling over the vent, first observation since the series ended. Nothing exciting to make me want to stay and watch it for long periods. FYI, when I refer to overflow, it overflows toward the boardwalk, which is easy to watch and leads to the pooling on the other side of the boardwalk. The overflow to the right of the crater is at an earlier/lower point but harder to watch for. None of the overflow is very strong, mainly trickling. 0742 Up at crater ring. There is no evidence of eruptions overnight. 1003 in overflow. 1020 below overflow but high. 1038 dropped to brown ring. 1113 dropped into the tan ring. 1128 recovered a bit. 1159 in overflow. 1316 wet on the other side of the boardwalk (must have overflowed recently). Just below overflow now, bubbling over vent. Went up a bit after this, into overflow. 1418 more overflow, pooling other side of boardwalk. 1426 dropped a little. 1543 unchanged.

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