Note 33765

Date/Time:2024-01-10 @ 0753
Time Entered:2024-01-10 07:55:37
Time Updated:2024-01-10 21:25:10
Time Uploaded:2024-01-10 21:25:10
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Note:0753 below overflow at brown ring. Wet in channels. No indication of any eruption. 0817 in overflow 0900 overflow and bubbling. Pooling other side of the boardwalk 0950 unchanged. 1030 same level no bubbling 1132 unchanged 1210 light overflow with small bubbles 1426 in overflow with increased snowmelt due to an eruption. Continuous observation from now till eruptions observed. 1501 slightly stronger bubbling, short duration. 1512 major

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