Note 33929

Date/Time:2024-01-26 @ 1130
Observer:GOSA Overnight Captures & live
Time Entered:2024-01-26 11:44:51
Time Updated:2024-01-27 08:10:24
Time Uploaded:2024-01-27 08:10:25
Note:Plate's intervals have abruptly lengthened overnight compared to the currently typical 3h00m±30m, starting with 0026 wc (I=4h06m), previous interval ±3h29m (it could be argued that that one was the start of the lengthening - the one before was ±3h at most given the unclosed interval). The next one, 0435 wc, had an interval of 4h09m and the most recent one of 5h36m. Could be it's nearing the end of an active phase, not to be seen for days to weeks. Given past intervals, it appears certain it's done that repeatedly since reactivation early 2022, so it's not out of the ordinary.

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