Note 3442

Geyser:Green Spring
Date/Time From:2016-08-07 @ 1403
Date/Time To:2016-08-07 @ 1747
Observer:James St. John
Time Entered:2016-08-07 22:57:16
Time Updated:2016-08-07 23:13:04
Time Uploaded:2016-08-07 23:12:49
Note:Not in to-the-north overflow at 1403. Northern vent gently roiling. In gentle to-the-north overflow at 1422. Not at 1538 & 1634. In to-the-north overflow at 1700, with northern vent gently roiling to low roiling to moderate roiling. Not in to-the-north overflow at 1706, with only gentle roiling from northern vent. Ditto at 1720. In slight to-the-north overflow at 1738, with low to moderately low roiling from northern vent. Good overflow at 1742. Low splash from northern vent at 1742. Overflow occuring along entire spring's border at 1743 to 1745 - the most significant overflow event I've yet seen (Rocco says these are happening about twice a day). Less overflow at 1747.

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