Note 34453

Geyser:Little Squirt
Date/Time:2024-05-05 @ 0825
Time Entered:2024-05-05 16:02:48
Time Uploaded:2024-05-05 16:02:48
Note:Little Squirt is ie. GT is not showing the eruption because a later observer marked their eruption as a start time.

Please flag my entry or let me know if this happens in the future, or else I don't know it's happening and cannot fix it! Flagging and then deleting it 5 minutes after is also not helpful for me fixing entries. The absolute least you can do is communicate with me. Thanks.
Entrant: SantaFe108
Time Entered:2024-05-05 21:33:27
Time Updated:2024-05-05 21:58:09
Time Uploaded:2024-05-05 21:58:09
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
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