Note 4261

Geyser:Green Spring
Date/Time From:2017-06-07 @ 1638
Date/Time To:2017-06-07 @ 1826
Observer:James St. John
Time Entered:2017-06-07 23:41:08
Time Uploaded:2017-06-07 23:41:08
Note:Continuous low spouting from a vent at the southeastern corner of the pool (filmed). Intermittent, slight to moderate roiling from a vent just south of the northern submerged shelf. In slight overflow to the north at 1638 - already done at 1653 (but still overflowing via the western runoff channel). Resumed to-the-north overflow at 1727 (near start); degree of overflow varied from slight trickling to heavier. Overflow also on the eastern side of the pool, using two slight breaches in the sinter border. To-the-north overflow done at 1745. In slight to-the-east overflow at 1819 through one breach only. First noticeable to-the-north overflow at latest 1825 - helped by the wind. Closed interval for the beginning of to-the-north overflow events = ~58m.

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