Note 4510

Geyser:Giant Hot Period
Date/Time From:2017-07-18 @ 0848
Date/Time To:2017-07-18 @ 1040
Time Entered:2017-07-20 22:29:57
Time Uploaded:2017-07-20 22:29:57
Note:Definitions: D=duration, I=interval, Bijou pauses calculated from the last substantial splash to the first full jet, and a time enclosed in brackets means that there was an attempted pause. Summary: this is an abbreviated version of my notes detailing only the Bijou pauses. Until I figure out what might be relevant (e.g. Giant surges, Mastiff splashing from either vent between pauses) I won't make these entries harder to read by throwing in all my data. SW vents were gurgling/thunking during the entire period, and occasional splashing was seen from BC vent along with vigorous steam. // Bijou pause at 0858 (D=1m11s), 0918 (D=2m43s, I=21m58s - five surges in Giant and succeeded by large vertical splashing from Mastiff's middle vent), 0947 (D=45s, I=28m35s), [0957], 1006 (D=1m02s, I=19m23s - weak with spritzing from Bijou), 1016 (D=1m19s, I=9m51s - another oddball interval), and 1038 (D=1m41s, I=21m48s). Grotto started at 1027.

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