Note 4719

Date/Time From:1998-06-04 @ 1715
Date/Time To:1998-06-05 @ 1600
Observer:1998 log
Time Entered:2017-08-02 17:33:16
Time Uploaded:2017-10-02 14:56:46
Note:6/5 At 5:13p yesterday (6/4) I approached Minute. There was no water coming out the vent although you could hear water bubbling and see an occasional wisp of steam. The thick white sinter was very apparent around the vent and the grey geyserite spine rocks were dry. The “new pool” was less full and there was no overflow. It appeared that Minute had acted like a geyser instead of a perpetual spouter. After seeing Echinus at 615pm for 4min I returned to check on Minute. From a distance I could see a huge column of steam appearing to be an eruption. At 1830 Minute was erupting to about 4’ with the “new pool” overflowing. This continued until ?? since I left at 1849. This a.m. (6/5) at 820 am Minute was behavior like a weak spouter with the water barely breaking the surface and rising slowly to 2”-4”. Stand by The “Minute” Minute cont… At about 2p Minute was dry when Dave walked by. Around 4p erupting as a geyser. The pool was very full & overflowing.

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