Note 4827

Geyser:The Dwarfs
Date/Time:2017-08-07 @ 1457
Observer:James St. John
Time Entered:2017-08-07 22:40:51
Time Updated:2017-08-07 20:41:36
Time Uploaded:2017-08-07 22:41:22
Note:"Red Dwarf Geyser" - the dominant perpetual spouter in the cluster in recent years - is back on (it was off when last noticed on 27 July 2017). Two other small spouters are also active: 1) North Dwarf Geyser; 2) small pool with 2 vents at 44° 27' 47.16" North latitude, 110° 49' 50.73" West longitude (using summer 2016 satellite photo via Google Earth). The small pool with 2 vents is my informal "West Dwarf I" and "West Dwarf J" (see photo at: The West Dwarf I-J pool is better characterized as very frequently spitting.

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