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Geyser:Three Sisters
Date/Time From:2017-08-22 @ 1040
Date/Time To:2017-08-22 @ 1150
Time Entered:2017-08-22 12:49:55
Time Updated:2017-08-22 16:17:23
Time Uploaded:2017-08-22 16:17:25
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Note:Middle Sister is active today and was probably active prior to this based on observations from me, Rocco Paperiello, and David Schwarz, who saw one eruption on 8/21/17. Middle Sister eruptions consist of a single burst that may vary in height from 2 to 8 feet. Mugwump has been inactive for a number of days but is still hot. MYR-1 has been seen boiling but no eruptions have been reported. Three Crater is still frequent and sometimes having energetic eruptions to as much as 6-8 feet.

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