Note 5351

Date/Time From:2017-08-25 @ 0826
Date/Time To:2017-08-25 @ 1035
Time Entered:2017-08-25 12:06:43
Time Updated:2017-08-25 12:11:48
Time Uploaded:2017-08-25 12:11:49
Note:0826-0919 Clep's new vent empty with sporadic low splashes seen. Filled with Fountain's eruption, started a slow drain at end of Fountain. No boil or eruption from pool after fill started. Pool low but not empty by 1035. Clepsydra continuous until 0959, 12 minutes after FTN ended. Back on at 1004, off again at 1009. Started again at 1018, stayed on.

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