Note 5939

Date/Time:1973-03-25 @ 1800
Observer:1973 log -Rick H
Time Entered:2017-09-08 12:50:34
Time Uploaded:2017-10-02 14:45:06
Note:03/25/1973 Fan {no time} The periods of minor play this evening was generally 10-15 seconds in duration and seemed to indicate that an eruption of Fan was imminent. During a half hour of close observation (until it got dark) the intervals between periods of minor play with heavy runoff were as follows: 2m30s, 1m45s, 1m50s, 2m35s, 1m15s, 0m35s, 3m10s, (Africa and Fireball start up), 4m35s, 0m40s, 1m20s, 3m20s, 2m55s, 0m30s (Africa&Fireball active) It is quite probable that Fan may have played within the last half hour. (Ave of 13 intervals: 125 sec, range 30-275 sec)

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