Note 6022

Geyser:Little Whirligig
Date/Time From:1973-05-27 @ 1643
Date/Time To:1973-05-27 @ 1710
Observer:1973 log
Time Entered:2017-09-09 09:17:29
Time Uploaded:2017-10-02 14:45:06
Note:05/27/1973 Observation : at about 4:43 Little Whirligig was drained the little muddy spring across the boardwalk toward the museum was about 2” down in water level, and the little red bubbler which is about 1 yd from the boardwalk (west side on way to Pinwheel) was drained; by 5:06 Little Whirligig started its active period of eruptions; 5:08- Little red bubbler drained again (red bubbler farther west showed no (obvious) changes; muddy spring level remained low, with several inches of muddy water.

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