Note 6023

Geyser:Little Whirligig
Date/Time From:1973-05-28 @ 1350
Date/Time To:1973-05-28 @ 1655
Observer:1973 log
Time Entered:2017-09-09 09:19:37
Time Uploaded:2017-10-02 14:45:06
Note:05/28/1973 Little Whirligig is drained & silent. 1:55 Red bubbler (1 yd W of boardwalk – between L. Whirligig and Pinwheel – same described as yesterday) is full, barely bubbling with slight runoff. 1:57 Robin nest not tended, (bird was on nest at 815am) 158 Red bubbler observations : draining. 200 slight rise and fall of water level with 1” variation, high level at 3” 205 water level drops 1” - varies now between 1”-2” in pool 208 ½ Little Whirligig starts active period of eruptions, red bubbler doesn’t bubble. 212 Red bubbler slowly spreads, now with slight overflow “& tinest of bubbles 214 bubbling increases → steady overflow 217 bubbling increases but not vigorous 220 bubbling increases more but with no splashing, just waving motions 225 bubbling decreases 226 bubbling increases 228 ½ bubbling decreases & stops → overflow stops 231 water level drained to pool rim 231 ½ water level drained to 1” from bottom and began rising & falling motion again 233 ½ water drained to bottom then rose & fell a coupld of times with 1” variation 235 water rises to pool rim 236 slight rising & falling but still at pool rim 237 rises above pool rim 240 water has slowly filled depression around pool to pt. Of overflow & overflow begins 241 slight bubbling begins 244 bubbling increases 248 ½ bubbling decreases & stops, overflow stops 249 ½ bubbling starts again; overflow continues 252 bubbling decreases 255 bubbling stops, overflow stops 256 water slowly drained to pool edge 257 water drained to top of rocks in bottom then rises & falls to height of 1” only 257 ½ drained completely 302 water level rose to 1/2” drained completely, rose to 1/2”, drained completely ← repeated several times 302 ½ water level rises to 1” –- alternates between 1” and 2” 306 water level rises to 2” –- alternates between 2” and 3” 307 water level rises to pool rim 311 filled to point of overflow 312 drained to pool rim level 314 drained to 1” from bottom 315 drained completely 317 starts rising to ½ “ water, then drains completely → alternates between 1/2” & no water 322 filled to rim of pool Cow elk feeding just south of Crackling Lake 328 water level 1” above pool rim 329 water level dropped to pool rim 332 water dropped to 2” level 336 water filled to pool rim 338 filled to overflow & did ____ nothing else there mab 341 bubbling begins then stops 344 muddy spring – gas escapes – hardly any moisture in bottom of depression 429 Little Whirligig ceased activity & drained Dimensions Little red bubbler: 17” x 10” widest pt; 27”s diameter of circle at pt of runoff (high water level is 4”) Muddy spring: high water line forms a circle of ~46” diameter, ~6” deep; low level water (recently) – pool 10” x 20”, 3” deep Little Whirligig began a new active period at 4:55 Duration (2:09-4:29) = 2hrs20min; + inactive period of 26 mins, interval of 2hrs 46 min. The point (of interest) of the little red bubbler observations was in part to see what pattern of activity it has & to puzzle if these could be any relationship to the activity of L. Whirligig. As the little bubbler filled & drained at least several times (sometimes without overflow) while L.Whirligig was playing, there seems no apparent relationship. While the little bubbler filled & drained in its sequences, no noticeable change was observed in the rather vigorous activity (bubbling) of the other red (small) pools located further out from the boardwalk. Bear Den 1558 (24 bursts), 2024 4:55 Cow elk still feeding on grassy slope near Crackling Lake

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