Note 7821

Date/Time:1988-07-17 @ 1200
Observer:Phil Landis, as recorded in Wolf & Paperiello, 1989
Time Entered:2017-11-15 22:08:37
Time Updated:2017-11-15 22:10:05
Time Uploaded:2017-11-15 22:10:06
Note:Kaleidoscope Geyser had one series of eruptions this day. Phil Landis recorded 9 eruptions (no start times given) with intervals of 4m25s, 3m11s, 12m16s, 2m15s, 2m06s, 2m03s, 1m12s, and 26m02s. The last eruption was 2m10s in duration, reaching 2 to 20 inches high. The 2nd-to-last eruption was 25m10s in duration, reaching 1 to 3 feet high. One of the earlier eruptions was measured at 45 feet high.

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