Note 9776

Geyser:Great Fountain
Date/Time From:2018-08-19 @ 0650
Date/Time To:2018-08-19 @ 0930
Observer:Maureen / Gloria
Time Entered:2018-08-19 12:00:16
Time Uploaded:2018-08-19 12:00:16
Note:Maureen arrived this morning c. 06:50 and observed the end of Great Fountain. Gloria downloaded logger data at 9am with electronic eruption start time of 07:12. Since this directly contradicts Maureen's observation, I have removed this data point. The other data downloaded at the same time with the same device (08/18/18 1000E, 2021E) also did not match yesterday's observed eruptions, though I did download electronic times for yesterday and 8/17 PM through another device that appear to match.

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