Eruption 1034954

Standardized Duration:1h 3m
Time Entered:2018-05-04 17:23:18
Time Updated:2018-05-05 08:58:37
Time Uploaded:2019-05-13 21:40:22
Observer:Tara, Scott H, Micah K, Bob Jones, Mike Vogel
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Comments:With Bijou still on, water rose in Mastiff with surging to 2-3 feet. Feather started overflowing and bubbling, then started erupting at 1708 for a Giant hot period. Mastiff immediately started overflowing and continued boiling to a few inches. Feather’s Satellite started 12 seconds after Feather. Cave Vent started overflowing, but did not erupt. Mastiff had variable surging, sometimes reaching 4-5 feet but mostly 1-2 feet. After 2.5 minutes, Mastiff began strong surging, quickly building to the height of the cone with heavy overflow. Mastiff started erupting about 3 minutes into Feather at 1711, reaching 20-25 feet from both vents. This continued for about 1m15s, during which time Bijou went into powerful steam phase and Feather and Feather’s Satellite shut off. Then Mastiff’s bursting began to wane and the water level dropped. The eruption stopped at 1713, and for the next four minutes, Mastiff’s water level varied from just out of sight to about 6 inches below overflow with some bursting. Bijou’s steam phase got weaker through this time. Finally, Mastiff had a push that brought it back to overflow, and began erupting again almost immediately at 1717. Feather also restarted along with Posthole, Posthole Satellite, and then the Southwest Vents. Bijou resumed its steam phase. Mastiff’s front vent reached 40 feet high briefly before giving way to the back vent, which was erupting to 20-30 feet. After about 1m30s, Giant began to have voluminous surges in its cone. These built to cone height, and then at 1720 there was a surge to 20 feet, followed by a rocket that shot up 50 feet and then climbed into the sky. A very conservative guess of the height would be 200 feet. For a few minutes Giant was enveloped in steam, before subsiding to a steady height of about 100 feet for about 15 minutes. Then the eruption gradually waned, and the final gasps were at 1823 for a duration of 63 minutes.

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Micah Kipple
Time Entered:2018-05-04 19:27:46
Time Uploaded:2018-05-04 19:27:48
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
No flags for this eruption. camera screen capture of Giant Geyser's 5:20 to 6:23 PM eruption on 4 May 2018.
Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2018-05-04 18:28:30
Time Updated:2018-05-04 18:30:56
Time Uploaded:2018-05-04 18:29:49
Submitted photo by Micah Kipple of Giant Geyser's 5:20 to 6:23 PM eruption on 4 May 2018.
Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2018-05-24 16:26:45
Time Updated:2018-05-24 16:27:11
Time Uploaded:2018-05-24 16:27:10