Eruption 1039051

Standardized Duration:30m
Time Entered:2018-06-04 09:05:00
Time Updated:2018-08-03 08:19:19
Time Uploaded:2019-05-13 21:44:05
Observer:At least: Carol and Bill Beverly, myself, Rocco P., Udo F., Tara Cross, Tom Carberry, Kitt, SteveO, Donnie, Betty, and Scott Grisso, Lynn Stephens, JSJ, Gordon and Emily Bower, Polly P, and at least 10 other gazers for the start plus Janet White, MAB, and a few others near the start.
Comments:Photographs indicate a height between 340ft and 380ft depending on where the water column ended. Copied from my notebook. 0503: Woohoo minor with moderate vertical from North and a very heavy South. Concerted and sustained. Quiet lull from 05:35 to 06:55 with little to no runoff down South Channel. 0707: "Quality holy s**t event" that got everyone up and cheering. South was to 40-50ft and North was up a bit higher. Vertical and sustained. 0733: Granding event from North 0759: Large runoff surge down left channel - concerted and vertical 0841, 0843, 0848: Repeated large minors with water completely over middle rock and creating standing waves in the runoff channel. 0859: Granding 0901: "WOW flood" 0902: "OMFG flood" 0903: "Holy f*ing s**t" minor with now several inches of murky water in South Channel. "0904!!!"

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Time Entered:2018-06-04 12:45:16
Time Uploaded:2018-06-04 12:45:18
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Time Entered:2018-06-04 13:32:43
Time Uploaded:2018-06-04 13:32:48
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Time Entered:2018-06-04 13:10:05
Time Uploaded:2018-06-04 13:39:26
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Mike C
Time Entered:2018-06-04 13:58:23
Time Uploaded:2018-06-04 13:58:23
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No flags for this eruption. album of Steamboat Geyser's 9:04 to 9:36 AM major eruption on 4 June 2018 (5 pre-eruption photos, 156 water-phase photos, 54 steam phase photos).
Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2018-07-05 14:37:35
Time Uploaded:2018-07-05 14:37:35
Video of Steamboat Geyser's 9:04 to 9:36 AM major eruption on 4 June 2018. Water phase clips start at time stamp 5:27. Steam phase clips start at time stamp 22:29. Explanatory caption is below video (click on "Show More").
Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2018-07-06 13:13:54
Time Updated:2019-12-26 23:40:20
Time Uploaded:2019-12-26 23:40:20

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