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28 Jan 2023 @ 1437 E maj23d 1h 11m
05 Jan 2023 @ 1326 E maj29d 16h 51m
06 Dec 2022 @ 2035 E maj31d 8h 22m
05 Nov 2022 @ 1313 E maj47d 22h 3m
18 Sep 2022 @ 1510 maj~10m 89d 23h 45m
20 Jun 2022 @ 1525 maj~5m 10d 3h 57m
10 Jun 2022 @ 1128 maj3m 18d 2h 43m
23 May 2022 @ 0845 maj42m 19d 4h 45m
04 May 2022 @ 0400 E maj34d 10h 46m
30 Mar 2022 @ 1714 E maj26d 14h 31m
04 Mar 2022 @ 0143 E maj17d 9h 47m
14 Feb 2022 @ 1556 E maj22d 1h 16m
23 Jan 2022 @ 1440 E maj38d 13h 54m
16 Dec 2021 @ 0046 E maj21d 50m
24 Nov 2021 @ 2356 E maj12d 18h 54m
12 Nov 2021 @ 0502 E maj18d 3h 54m
25 Oct 2021 @ 0208 E maj11d 13h 24m
13 Oct 2021 @ 1244 maj11m 14d 23h 18m
28 Sep 2021 @ 1326 maj6m 17d 6h 47m
11 Sep 2021 @ 0639 maj1h 6m 65d 5m
08 Jul 2021 @ 0634 maj19m 37d 18h 51m
31 May 2021 @ 1143 maj6m 26d 11h 41m
05 May 2021 @ 0002 E maj11d 15h 5m
23 Apr 2021 @ 0857 ns maj6d 18h 23m
16 Apr 2021 @ 1434 maj11d 15h 6m
04 Apr 2021 @ 2328 E maj8d 10h 27m
27 Mar 2021 @ 1301 E maj9d 9h 17m
18 Mar 2021 @ 0344 E maj14d 7h 44m
03 Mar 2021 @ 1900 A maj9d 23h 40m
21 Feb 2021 @ 1920 E maj18d 17h 19m
03 Feb 2021 @ 0201 E maj21d 17h 3m
12 Jan 2021 @ 0858 E maj9d 15h 58m
02 Jan 2021 @ 1700 ns maj13d 4h 46m
20 Dec 2020 @ 1214 E maj8d 15h 32m
11 Dec 2020 @ 2042 E maj12d 6h 5m
29 Nov 2020 @ 1437 E maj9d 4h 25m
20 Nov 2020 @ 1012 E maj9d 4h 7m
11 Nov 2020 @ 0605 E maj7d 16h 32m
03 Nov 2020 @ 1333 E maj7d 11h 51m
27 Oct 2020 @ 0242 E maj7d 4h 1m
19 Oct 2020 @ 2241 E maj5d 21h 30m
14 Oct 2020 @ 0111 maj8d 4h 6m
05 Oct 2020 @ 2105 maj23m 9d 10h 30m
26 Sep 2020 @ 1035 maj17m 9d 22h 51m
16 Sep 2020 @ 1144 maj1h 17m 6d 20h 44m
09 Sep 2020 @ 1500 maj13m 7d 18h 26m
01 Sep 2020 @ 2034 maj40m 6d 2h 58m
26 Aug 2020 @ 1736 maj24m 6d 14h 36m
20 Aug 2020 @ 0300 maj5d 11h 31m
14 Aug 2020 @ 1529 maj31m 4d 16h 23m
09 Aug 2020 @ 2306 maj6d 13h 9m
03 Aug 2020 @ 0957 maj36m 4d 8h 49m
30 Jul 2020 @ 0108 maj5d 12h 7m
24 Jul 2020 @ 1301 maj3m 5d 1h 20m
19 Jul 2020 @ 1141 maj33m 5d 15h 37m
13 Jul 2020 @ 2004 maj22m 4d 9h 17m
09 Jul 2020 @ 1047 maj43m 5d 20h 32m
03 Jul 2020 @ 1415 maj26m 4d 12h 46m
29 Jun 2020 @ 0129 maj5d 13h 47m
23 Jun 2020 @ 1142 maj14m 4d 18h 14m
18 Jun 2020 @ 1728 maj3m 5d 18h 48m
12 Jun 2020 @ 2240 E maj4d 5h 3m
08 Jun 2020 @ 1737 maj28m 5d 1h 45m
03 Jun 2020 @ 1552 maj26m 3d 9h 29m
31 May 2020 @ 0623 maj1h 0m 7d 15h 16m
23 May 2020 @ 1507 E maj3d 18h 56m
19 May 2020 @ 2011 E maj5d 15h 55m
14 May 2020 @ 0416 E maj6d 3h 11m
08 May 2020 @ 0105 E maj10d 8h 44m
27 Apr 2020 @ 1621 E maj16d 23h 34m
10 Apr 2020 @ 1647 E maj8d 13h 6m
02 Apr 2020 @ 0341 E maj8d 6h 24m
24 Mar 2020 @ 2117 E maj9d 1h 9m
15 Mar 2020 @ 2008 E maj9d 32m
06 Mar 2020 @ 1836 E maj6d 19h 4m
28 Feb 2020 @ 2332 E maj7d 21h 55m
21 Feb 2020 @ 0137 E maj8d 8h 14m
12 Feb 2020 @ 1723 E maj10d 20h 16m
01 Feb 2020 @ 2107 E maj9d 2h 42m
23 Jan 2020 @ 1825 E maj13d 22h 40m
09 Jan 2020 @ 1945 E maj13d 22h 11m
26 Dec 2019 @ 2134 E maj8d 5h 52m
18 Dec 2019 @ 1542 E maj9d 22h 49m
08 Dec 2019 @ 1653 E maj11d 16h 6m
27 Nov 2019 @ 0047 E maj9d 12h 18m
17 Nov 2019 @ 1229 maj17m 9d 8h 30m
08 Nov 2019 @ 0359 E maj8d 13h 6m
30 Oct 2019 @ 1553 maj8d 2h 37m
22 Oct 2019 @ 1316 E maj6d 9h 25m
16 Oct 2019 @ 0351 E maj8d 7h 6m
07 Oct 2019 @ 2045 maj6d 7h 52m
01 Oct 2019 @ 1253 maj49m 6d 6h 31m
25 Sep 2019 @ 0622 maj7d 6h 40m
17 Sep 2019 @ 2342 ns maj~21m 6d 2h 2m
11 Sep 2019 @ 2140 maj25m 8d 19h 6m
03 Sep 2019 @ 0234 maj23m 6d 15h 47m
27 Aug 2019 @ 1047 maj18m 6d 21h 56m
20 Aug 2019 @ 1251 maj15m 7d 14h 28m
12 Aug 2019 @ 2223 maj15m 13d 15h 3m
30 Jul 2019 @ 0720 maj6d 5h 28m

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Interval Count100
Min3d 9h 29m
Max89d 23h 45m
Mean12d 20h 17m
Median8d 17h 19m

Latest Notes

Note IDStart Time (US/Mountain)End Time (US/Mountain)EntrantNote
25119 24 Mar 2023 @ 1230 --- JarnoO Start of a sharp drop in temperature (from 20.4°C to 16.8°C in just 30m) and sharp rise in discharge (from 4.7 cfps to 5.5 cfps). This sequence also happened when it erupted on November 5 last year and, to a lesser extent, January 28 (temperature was already dropping, but still). The temperature was back to pre-drop levels at 1330, a similar timespan to November 5. Per comments this one is, however, likelier to be related to a snowsquall rather than Steamboat itself.
Just in case: both YNM and YNR seismographs and the Steamboat logger aren't working currently. Therefore it's not possible to get more than an approximate time for it at the moment, should it be considered an eruption.
25059 27 Feb 2023 @ 1540 --- MAB in 5min stop saw one NV lazy spray & SV toss a bit - did not make it down to inspect the trough
24938 21 Jan 2023 @ 1530 --- ypcaribou Time approximate. Seen southbound from pullout on the long, downhill stretch of road between Norris Overlook & Norris Campground. "Ledge area was a lot more steamy than Steamboat. (Ledge area steam very tall.) But Steamboat had a few bursts of steam. No water bursts seen from either."
24835 06 Jan 2023 @ 1000 --- ypcaribou As seen from platform area which was very icy. Spitting water to about 50 feet "every so often." Time approximate. Relayed to me by a West YVT Guide.
24658 08 Nov 2022 @ 0934 --- mhreed Healthy plume visible from the road; still in steam phase.
24643 05 Nov 2022 @ 1545 --- mhreed In full throated steam phase. ~5% liquid water in NV. Wind toward the road into the parking lot. No wash over the bridge (probably because of the wind).
24607 31 Oct 2022 @ 1700 --- mhreed From a quick five minutes of observation: NV led play with angled but substantial jetting. Occasional runoff sent down the SV channel.
24595 30 Oct 2022 @ 1755 --- ypcaribou Angled splashing. Some concerted. Some not. 1 babbling brook audible in obs period. ET still there. Jabba is a faceless mound. Boardwalk empty of people. I almost burst out singing Memories.
24530 29 Oct 2022 @ 1410 --- MAB trough full of mostly small gravels - also a VR of a 60ft SV around 1340 - they said NV wasn't doing more than 10ft - I saw a few concerted from the trough but south was dominant - another VR reported at Vixen saw only NV in 10m
24471 21 Oct 2022 @ 0830 --- MAB 3 minute visit with NV & SV alternating lazily tossing sprays
24341 11 Oct 2022 @ 1009 --- bbev 22D,19hrs PE: Both vents active, mostly NV jetting to 20', with an occasional SV heard. Only a trickle of water in SV runoff. NV bubbler active with trickle of water in runoff channel. Mudpot between channels gurgling. CS barely overflowing on the sides, lightly boiling inclear pool. ES clear and overflowing. Farewell for now, see you in the spring!
24294 07 Oct 2022 @ 0950 --- DanS A little water has returned to the system. Occasional splashing from NV, nothing but steam from SV.
24281 06 Oct 2022 @ 1323 --- cb no change. Emerald spring is still calm, clear and more turquoise blue than green. Cistern Spring is overflowing in all directions; more so out the established channel than toward Veteran.
24271 05 Oct 2022 @ 1136 --- cb No change
24223 04 Oct 2022 @ 1657 --- cb 16D.. NV> very weak, wispy, occational 5' spray. Nothing from SV. Cistern Spring is overflowing out the established channel and into the muddy pool. Its filling the catch basins toward Veteran but not overflowing yet. Typical boil. Emerald Spring is very steamy and overflowing, pool looks more turquoise blue than greenish. Calm
24209 03 Oct 2022 @ 1809 --- Csiegel Steamboat has no water jetting. CS in overflow strong boil in center
24198 03 Oct 2022 @ 1133 --- WillBoekel still no water in the system. runoff channel is damp but that may be from the rain.
24162 29 Sep 2022 @ 1230 --- bbev 10D, 21hrs PE: Quietly steaming, no water from either vent or in runoff other than a trickle coming from the north runoff bubbler, which is loudly gurgling. CS is overflowing out the back channel. Pool is opalescent blue with very, very light boil. ES is clear, flat, and overflowing.
24097 25 Sep 2022 @ 1136 --- cb 6D 22.5H. gently steaming. no water. lots of gurgling mud pots can be heard but not visable from the platform. ** Cistern Spring has no visable water. lite steam. no sounds. **Emerald Spring is more turquoise blue than green, clear & calm
24091 25 Sep 2022 @ 1033 --- bbev 6D, 20hrs PE: Quietly steaming, runoff dry. CS is empty, steaming, no water to be heard or seen.
24001 22 Sep 2022 @ 1553 --- cb 4D45M.. NV is rhythmically huffing forceful steam, no jets of water. SV forceful steam. SV Channel is dry from the vent down about 15', damp from there onward. NV channel has a thin stream of water most likely from the bubbler up by the confluence. ** Cistern Spring pool is just at the edge of the inner rim tube with a small string of bubbles occationally breaking the surface. It's clear and blue. **Emerald Spring is a green/blueish color, clear and calm. 3Trees feature has a 3" blooper.
23984 21 Sep 2022 @ 1210 21 Sep 2022 @ 1305 bbev 2D,19hrs PSBE: Energizer Bunny mode: Just keeps going, and going, and going... Both vents cycling between wispy mix for several minutes, then transition into continous NV jetting 25-30' and SV fountaining 6-8'. Post eruption behavior similar to activity in May/June 2018 (see notes), only much weaker. CS is down only 1-2"(maybe) from yesterday. Still well above rim of inner tube.
23972 20 Sep 2022 @ 1923 --- ypcaribou Still jetting forcefully out of both vents. Same heights as earlier. Hole between 2 channels sounds like a gurgling, backed up toilet.
23945 20 Sep 2022 @ 1725 20 Sep 2022 @ 1750 annelies8 Both vents continuous, like the earlier note from today
23963 20 Sep 2022 @ 1659 --- ypcaribou NV splashes visible from just right of YFS. Spouting to just shy of tree tops behind SB. Still angled and constant.
23955 20 Sep 2022 @ 1604 --- ypcaribou As seen from Crater Spring, it's still putting out forceful jetting.
23950 20 Sep 2022 @ 1535 20 Sep 2022 @ 1548 ypcaribou Continuous, forceful, angled spouting out of both vents. N to well above trees. S to base of trees.
23952 20 Sep 2022 @ 1548 --- ypcaribou NV channel has steady trickle of water. SV channel has steady flow blanketing about 4ft in width of hill Pooling at steerage with cloudy opaque water with a smidge of blue. Kinda looks like dirty bathwater. Flow out other side branched into several separate channels.
23932 20 Sep 2022 @ 1005 20 Sep 2022 @ 1130 bbev 1D,19hrs PSBE, Mixed water and steam from both vents, NV, bursting 25-30'. Significant steady runoff in SV channel that does not appear to be coming directly out of SV. About the same volume as yesterday, when there was no visible water other than steam, coming from either vent. 1051 water in SV channel has slowed to trickle. Both vents still mixed steam and wispy water. CS is 24-26" below overflow, about half way down to the inner tube.Occasional bubbles rising to surface, would not call it a boil. 1102, increase in steady jetting from NV, 20-30'. SV still mixed with wispy spray. 11:11 significant increase of water in both vents. SV fountaining 8-10'. NV spiking 40+'. 1123 NV becoming thickk, erupting out of the vertical area. Still continuous and spiking well over 40'.
23906 19 Sep 2022 @ 0801 --- bbev 17hrs PSBE: Boardwalk is a skating rink! SB still in heavy, forceful steam, difficult to see if there is any liquid water coming from either vent. There is a fair amount of water flowing down both runoff channels, I suspect from condensation. Actually, there is a significant amount of water coming down SV runoff channel that appears to be coming from below Jaba, no water flowing immediately below SV. The bubbler between the two channels in front of mid-deck is bubbling up 3-4”. CS is down only 12-14” below overflow. ES is calm, clear and overflowing.
23890 18 Sep 2022 @ 0716 --- mwolf ran up there post quake, nothing abnormal
23901 17 Sep 2022 @ 0915 17 Sep 2022 @ 2021 Ben VL Based on the graph yesterday's observations may have sniped the middle of a large lull. Better play than yesterday until 1201 when we had a single CHV with a 4 at steerage. From 1314-1322 we had another event similar to 1628-1638 the other day - a 2018/2019 style series of back to back powerful minors with copious runoff and large NV vertical. Decided to stay the rest of the day after that. A few good minors tossed in throughout the afternoon and a bit of an uptick around 1800 but really nothing like the other pushes we've seen. Thought it might end up having something else by the end of the day, but unless it did something right after we left it sort of slid backwards from 1800 until we left.
23869 16 Sep 2022 @ 1039 16 Sep 2022 @ 1450 Ben VL Less energetic than yesterday. NV still has some nice minors now and then but not like yesterday, and SV is not there. SV is overshadowed by North and even when it does do something nice, the runoff often does not support. Stronger minors kinda peppered around, no real push seen. Longer quiet periods between minors. However it is still better than my observations in August.
23847 15 Sep 2022 @ 0919 15 Sep 2022 @ 2000 Ben VL Some nice activity today. A bit of a lull in the morning but broke out of it quickly. At 1241 we had an extremely large minor - NVV 30'+ sustained and thiccc with SV 20'+ and insane runoff. Not a lot of followup. Another similar but weaker minor at 1519. Then 1628 to 1638 we had 4 or 5 consecutive thiccc concerted sustained vertical with another at 1650. Some more fairly nice minors peppered in after that but no further push attempts before we left. Definitely stronger than I saw in August. NV fairly voluminous all day and SV outputting nice water a fair amount of the time. Still has longer quiet periods between stretches of good activity. Definitely still lacking some followup as well, & SV does not have a lot of large solo play. That being said it is over 80d. So who knows? Race up here at your own risk.
23562 04 Sep 2022 @ 1144 --- cb Minuet(VERY small) changes, maybe a bit more volume in both vents ON OCCASION! Still the 1 postive is that a good % of the play is concerted. Did see 1 nice concerted vertical minor that ended with SVV fountaining. Then back to 12m of deadsville; returning to angled splashes. Cistern Spring is low and platform surrounding is dry. Weak overflow out the established channel. No change in Emerald spring.
23524 01 Sep 2022 @ 1012 --- Art Ongoing paving operations on Norris Canyon road. Pavement plant up and running which will make YNR look suspicious.
23523 01 Sep 2022 @ 1004 --- udo A YVO person spoke with one of the rangers at the Norris Museum today, and she said that the IT folks and also telecom company know about the data transmission problem but don't have a solution figured out yet.
23507 31 Aug 2022 @ 0948 --- cb Thought id put a note in since YVO has been down for awhile. The activity has disimproved. Long periods of quiet interrupted by an occational SV ~6' angled splash & a NV wispy, angled, airy, ~10' jet. Then out of the blue a few nice concerted minors from both vents that put a bit of water down SV channel. Enough to dampen a drying channel. It's lightly grumbling. * Back down at 1330 and the play is 👎. 1330 - 1400 wispy weak angled spray from both vents. 1402 - 05 a few nice concerted minors with NV a bit thicker, stronger, taller. 1406 back to extremely quiet. Shoulder is basically dry with 3 ribbons of dampness. Back Channel is damp, no running water. Mud pot in NV channel is weaker but still active. Mud pot directly across from the middle deck shade tree was active 2 days ago, now inactive. Jabba bone dry. Troughs water is clear with some un sinter covered debris in it. Cistern only overflowing weakly out the established channel. Emerald Spring clear calm green & overflowing. 1417 out of the blue concerted NVV 30' SVV 20'. Then 1421 back to deadsville. left @ 1435, still quiet. Sorry this note is so long!
23313 21 Aug 2022 @ 0701 21 Aug 2022 @ 0731 ypcaribou Random, angled splashing from NV every 4 to 10 sec that pulls SV along. SV channel wet with flowing water. NV channel has constant trickle of water. Both channels pearly white where water is. Dark gray spitter to NW of NV is splashing to an inch or so and gurgling. W of vents there's a yellow spot on rock that is steaming. Getting wet with spritz from steam. Overall, very active but with minor activity from both vents. Sandhill Crane heard to N. 0724 cloudy water collecting at steerage. SV channel pearly gray and wet. Wet, gray, intertwined channels have established in the ravaged area beyond steerage towatd Tantalus Creek. Babbling brooks put down hill at 0714 and 0731.
23284 19 Aug 2022 @ 1400 19 Aug 2022 @ 1700 Craigmon99 Steamboat liked to play the “spout off a 20 second wall of water” game and then go quiet for 20 minutes. NVV is present during good minors and south will occasionally reach exciting volume. Needs to sustain these minors longer.
23277 19 Aug 2022 @ 0915 19 Aug 2022 @ 1045 Art Steamboat minors few and far between. Long periods of quiet. Minors never vertical and all North dominant. North pulling south along for the ride and south never initiated play.
23250 18 Aug 2022 @ 1800 18 Aug 2022 @ 2000 Craigmon99 Was going to just do a quick look when I walked up and saw a very impressive minor eruption. Good runoff, (raging river) and both vents went from \ / to | |. During the last hour there were 15 significant runoff events. 3 of these made me get out of my seat. Steamboat was organized during this time period with concerted north and south vent minors with significant pushes for an eruption.
23235 17 Aug 2022 @ 1545 17 Aug 2022 @ 1645 annelies8 Nothing particularly exciting during my hour watching. A decent amount of angled minors, most NV dominated but a few initiated by SV. There were a few times NV seemed to be trying to go vertical but never quite got there.
23187 14 Aug 2022 @ 1730 14 Aug 2022 @ 1935 Dan A Nothing of note during my observation until 1850 when steamboats activity picked up and at 1900 there’s was concerted north/south with vertical north and angled south that put a nice babbling brook down the channel, at 1906 and 1920 there were concerted minors with vertical north and sustained angled south that put down raging rivers. Unfortunately south vent refused to go vertical, there were was no direct follow up to the minors, and activity prior to this period of activity was very weak with thin north and weak south runoff. Steamboat seemed be winding down in activity when I left at 1935. Also trough still crystal clear.
23188 14 Aug 2022 @ 0900 14 Aug 2022 @ 1030 Dan A Lackluster activity until 1018 when there was concerted north/south vertical that sent a raging river down the channel. Also the trough has cleared up it was crystal clear during my observation.
23146 11 Aug 2022 @ 1655 11 Aug 2022 @ 1746 MattV Similar to this morning's note, worse than we observed a couple days ago. Very weak runoff with a channel that's still milky. NV dominated play, entirely angled. A couple weak angled concerted minors.
23137 11 Aug 2022 @ 1030 11 Aug 2022 @ 1115 Dan A Steamboat is same condition as yesterday. South runoff still very unimpressive, and only some slight vertical bounce was observed from north. Trough is still milky
23126 10 Aug 2022 @ 0830 10 Aug 2022 @ 1102 Ben VL Looked worse than a couple days ago. Slow play, lots of quiet periods, less volume than before. Some NVV but nothing really large, not a lot of SV vertical, sustain or volume. NV slightly thinner than before. Trough still milky.
23118 09 Aug 2022 @ 1445 09 Aug 2022 @ 1750 MattV Experienced similar to Dan's morning note. Two good concerted vertical minors but most of the play was angled, sometimes simultaneously. Runoff wet most of the time, occasionally strong. Big lulls at times.
23117 09 Aug 2022 @ 1030 09 Aug 2022 @ 1200 Dan A Steamboat was a mixed bag today. Most of the play was concerted but only angled. South vent runoff was poor during my observation and at 10:45 the channel was beginning to get dry patches. There was the occasional nice north vertical and at 11:28 there was a north/south concerted vertical minor that sent down a raging river but no follow up.
23104 08 Aug 2022 @ 1846 --- cb most of the play is concerted, angled splashes from both vents. Some with volume but all angled. Shoulder is damp, no water in back channel. trough is cloudy/milky and the algae is really coated in silica
23090 07 Aug 2022 @ 0840 07 Aug 2022 @ 1050 Ben VL A bit lower energy than yesterday, longer quiet periods, no particularly large minors seen. CS seems to have come up just a touch from a day ago.
23074 06 Aug 2022 @ 0918 06 Aug 2022 @ 1400 Ben VL Slightly regressed from yesterday. A "Woo" every now and then, but none of the truly big minors from the last couple days. Max runoff I saw was a 3. SV does not want to hold vertical for all that long, NV still dominant but the vertical play I saw was less energetic. Cistern seems to have come up a smidge before I left.
23061 05 Aug 2022 @ 0940 05 Aug 2022 @ 2040 Ben VL Generally not as good as yesterday. Getting periods of good activity but quieter in between than yesterday. Seemed to be in a lull for large portions of the day. At 1345 we had the largest minor of the last few days (heavy sustained concerted vertical, S ~ 20' & N 30'+), and a 4+/5 at steerage. Trough turned about as milky as I've ever seen it from a minor. No followup and reverted back into a lull. Somewhat NV dominated. NV has a fair amount of V and thiccness. SV has some nice vol/ sustain occasionally but not as much as I would like and not much vertical. CS, ES, & Echinus unchanged from Carol's note by the end of the day. Despite the forecast it didn't really rain at all today.
23048 05 Aug 2022 @ 1020 --- cb The trough debris & algae is still coated in fine silica dust. water is clear. The boys might have a full report later
23018 03 Aug 2022 @ 1440 03 Aug 2022 @ 2120 Ben VL Better than the reports of the last couple days. NV & SV have some more volume. NV gave a few decent verticals while I was there, SV had some sustain now and then but not a lot of vertical. A lot of concerted play. Between 1611 and 1730 there were a handful of fairly voluminous concerted W/ NVV. 1611 including sustained NVV ~15'-20'. At 1817 we had the strongest minor of the day with a heavy concerted, both vents vertical over 15'. This was the only definitive SV vertical of the day beyond brief V surges. Rolled rocks down the channel and the trough turned milky for a while. No followup or anything similarly large before I left. The alge in the trough is starting to get coated in silica. CS overflowing X some. (Into muddy pool but not to the right). ES no change.
22976 02 Aug 2022 @ 0900 02 Aug 2022 @ 0954 cb SB has disimproved. Play is mostly angled wispy jetting, some concerted. Some ATTEMPTS of vertical play from SV observed that put a little water down its channel. It is very grumbly. LOONG pauses between play. Shoulder & back channel are damp. Mud pot in NV channel is still active. Trough is cloudy with increase in green algae.
22962 01 Aug 2022 @ 1230 01 Aug 2022 @ 1330 cb brief observation today.👎 Play from both vents seem more random and mostly angled with an occational V bounce from NV. Nothing V from SV observed. Long pauses between minors. (~1m-6m) SV channel is a bit more white. Back shoulder & channel both have just a trickle of water. NV channel bubbler (mud pot) is gloopier, glugging and painting the NV runoff channel a interesting narrow ribbon of light gray. ** Emerald Spring is in copious overflow, clear, green and has some doming/convection over the vent with a (2) bubbles the size of golf balls that broke the surface. 3 Trees feature is erupting to 3" with runoff. ** Cistern Spring is overflowing out the established channel and has a vigorous 2 pt blooping boil.
22956 31 Jul 2022 @ 0800 31 Jul 2022 @ 1530 cb We shoulda gone fishing! SB disimproved today. Play was .... weak overall. A few nice NV'S & solo SV'S. 1 nice concerted minor that put a babbling brook down SV channel. (not raging) Overall I'd say todays play was "meh" To guote Tom! The trough & runoff channel 3' below the bridge has green algae in it again. **Emerald Spring & Cistern Spring > no change.
22948 30 Jul 2022 @ 0800 30 Jul 2022 @ 2030 Dan A Nice Concerted north/south vertical minor observed from decker in the afternoon. Nice north/south vertical with raging river at 1755. At 1900 steamboat began having concerted north/south vertical every 15 minutes or so until 1950 when activity began declining.
22947 30 Jul 2022 @ 1230 30 Jul 2022 @ 1730 cb from Steerage, Some concerted play from both vents. 2 @ 1447 & 1627 that put a nice river down the channel. still some pauses between play.
22845 25 Jul 2022 @ 1300 25 Jul 2022 @ 1940 Dan A Similar to what Kitt observed earlier. North got thicker as the day went on with the occasional concerted minor that put down babbling brooks with some porpoising. No south vertical nor raging rivers observed.
22840 25 Jul 2022 @ 0812 25 Jul 2022 @ 1100 Kitt B Steamboat was similar to my observation yesterday. There was a strong minor at 0834 (with no vertical), 0910 had CNJSJ with vertical, and 0952 had CNJSJ with a vertical bounce.
22831 24 Jul 2022 @ 0812 24 Jul 2022 @ 1115 Kitt B During observation time, I noticed the water levels in both North and South were much better than on July 22nd. The minors were very frequent, every few minutes with brief periods of inactivity. The best minor was at 0852 with CNJSJ with bouncy vertical and porpoising in runoff. We had "babbling brooks" about every 10 to 12 minutes during my first hour of observation. At 1018 there was a strong concerted minor, but no vertical.
22814 23 Jul 2022 @ 1700 23 Jul 2022 @ 1940 Dan A No change in activity from cb’s earlier note.
22812 23 Jul 2022 @ 0930 23 Jul 2022 @ 1625 cb This is a NOTE, Not a eruption. Activity today was better than yesterday. More semi consistant & concerted play from both vents with shorter quiet spells, more SV play today (some solo fountaining) with a few porpoising run offs. ** Emerald Spring is clear, calm & overflowing. ** Cistern Spring is overflowing X all (more than yesterday), clear with a typical boil.
22796 22 Jul 2022 @ 1500 22 Jul 2022 @ 1945 Dan A Steamboat was still in a lull when I left. Nothing of note was seen during this observation period.
22789 22 Jul 2022 @ 0900 22 Jul 2022 @ 1400 Suzanne Minor activity was weaker than yesterday. North and South vents were mostly angled and wispy. Several periods with moments of no activity at all. The only notable activity in the 5 hours I was there was at 1222. North Vent had a vertical minor and there was fountaining from South Vent, with a babbling brook and porpoising in the runoff channel. There was no follow up.
22767 21 Jul 2022 @ 1700 21 Jul 2022 @ 2015 Dan A No steamboat major yet. Steamboat was still in a lull when I left. No raging rivers or big vertical south observed
22764 21 Jul 2022 @ 0815 21 Jul 2022 @ 1415 Suzanne No major eruption. Minors were occurring a bit more frequently than yesterday, but there were no raging rivers or anything approaching the large minor that was seen yesterday. Several babbling brooks with porpoising in the runoff channel. North Vent had some nice tall thick angled minors and some small verticals and vertical bounces. South Vent had a few fountaining minors and a couple of nice solos. The best activity occurred between 1150 and 1233 with 5 decent NV / SV minors that produced good runoff. Activity quieted down afterwards with nothing good seen for almost an hour.
22739 20 Jul 2022 @ 1730 20 Jul 2022 @ 1915 cb nothing after the noonish event. SV channel has very large dry patches. SV channel does have some whitening streaks in it along the sides of the channel and on the tops of some raised areas in the channel. It dis*improved this afternoon!
22727 20 Jul 2022 @ 1220 20 Jul 2022 @ 1345 cb Incremental improvements! CNVSVH+ & a rock roller! 1224 AGAIN. 1229 nice CNVSVH. Dan reported a nice minor around 1100. no more follow up and in a loong lull! Debris in the trough have been moved and are piled up in the neck in front of the bridge. NV bubblers active. @1315ish SV channel at the bridge had large dry patches with a trickle of water into the trough & Dan reports SV channel below the vent is starting to dry also. **@1211 Cistern Springs pool had dropped a hair. Side toward Corporal, below the catch basin has dried up as have areas on the backside in the bobbysock trees. Water is right at the scalloped edges of the pool with the majority of runoff going out the established channel toward Echinus. water is clear with a typical boil. (not more, not less) ** @ 1211 Emerald spring pool is clear, calm, green & overflowing. 3 Trees feature is active and blipping to 3".
22713 19 Jul 2022 @ 0900 19 Jul 2022 @ 1850 Dan A No improvement in steamboat seen today. Nice concerted minors with raging rivers noted at 930, 1330, and around 1840. Observation was off and on from 1430 to 1700.
22682 18 Jul 2022 @ 1100 18 Jul 2022 @ 1945 Dan A Same activity as past couple days. The only big minor came at 1319 that was a concerted minor with weak follow up that sent a raging river down the channel.
22656 17 Jul 2022 @ 0800 17 Jul 2022 @ 1800 Dan A Pretty much same behavior as cb noted yesterday. The only note worthy minor was a concerted north\south vertical event with follow up that put a couple raging rivers down the channel. North vent runoff bubbler was very active and noisy today splashing constantly. Also the temp graph is back up in case anyone’s interested.
22626 16 Jul 2022 @ 1237 16 Jul 2022 @ 1321 cb Steamboat seems to be NV dominated. I saw a few (2) tall thicck NV vertical minors that got my attention. SV had 1 nice fountaining event that put a babbling brook down the channel. I'd say roughly 60% of the play is concerted. Shoulder is damp at the top & the back channel is wet. Trough still has the same accumulation of debis. Interesting but sporadic play. **Emerald spring is clear, calm, green & in overflow. **Cistern Spring > no change. pool still high and overflowing X all. vigorous boil & clear
22607 15 Jul 2022 @ 0930 15 Jul 2022 @ 1215 Dan A No big improvements over my observation yesterday. There were more frequent babbling brooks than yesterday, but no raging rivers and concerted vertical. The only vertical I observed today was a strong thick north with vertical bounce around 1200. bubbler in north vent runoff channel was active today splashing to about an inch.
22578 14 Jul 2022 @ 1400 14 Jul 2022 @ 1800 nathan_geology Definitely improved from when I observed Steamboat last Sat when the runoff channel was bone dry. Steady runoff down the hill in the main channel. Saw some weak minors, mostly angled jetting. Some occasional vertical shots and NV/SV jetting in concert, but they were short and not too promising yet. Saw 4-5 babbling brook type surges down the hill.
22580 14 Jul 2022 @ 0800 14 Jul 2022 @ 1030 Dan A Steamboat activity was not as strong as yesterday. There were some babbling brooks some of which were independent of north. Nothing vertical seen from either vent during my observation.
22552 13 Jul 2022 @ 0700 13 Jul 2022 @ 1800 Dan A A little better than what I saw yesterday. Concerted vertical north/south at 1005 that put a raging river down the south vent channel, another concerted vertical event around 1200 that had follow up, another concerted non vertical minor that put raging river down channel. The play in between these events were lackluster. There were some occasional vertical north with bounce and the occasional babbling brook but otherwise uninspiring. Around 1400 steamboat went into a lull that lasted the rest of my observation time.
22511 12 Jul 2022 @ 0926 --- nathan_geology FYI, Daily Temp sensor is not reporting data here as of this morning.
22502 11 Jul 2022 @ 1910 11 Jul 2022 @ 2011 cb Play has increased from my afternoon walkabout. NV is having occational strong & tall bursts (~30') with verticalality and bounce. SV has had a few nice bursts that sent a river of water down the channel. Shoulder is damp still and no water down the back channel. Very grumbly!
22491 11 Jul 2022 @ 1601 11 Jul 2022 @ 1630 cb 21D PE. Sorry, Gone fishin! SB is juicer. Concerted play from both vents mostly angled, some with bounce. SV channel has a narrow ribbon of wetness with a trickle of water to the trough and about 30 yards beyond the bridge. not to the creek yet. Jabba & the dip are dry and still have debris from the last eruption in the same place its been for weeks. Back Shoulder has a wee bit of dampness, far from wet! Back channel dry. NV bubblers are inactive. The base of the trough is still clear of runoff debris. **Emerald Spring is clear, calm, Emerald green in color and in overflow. **Cistern Spring pool is high, clear, overflowing X all with a nice boil.
22440 09 Jul 2022 @ 1901 --- cb 19D3H PE. Yawn... SV channel has some dampness ~5' away from the vent, otherwise everything else is BONE DRY. Occationally some thiccker, taller & more forceful play from both vents. NV channel bubblers are non existent. @2014 as i walked past from back basin, the SV runoff channel has a narrow ribbon of dampness 30' below its vent, no farther. ** Emerald spring Pool has dropped another few inches below overflow. ridges and stick in front of the runoff channel are exposed. pool is calm, green and clearing. **Cistern Spring pool is high, overflowing with a vigorous boil
22407 08 Jul 2022 @ 1347 --- cb 17D22H PE. Some VERY weak angled splashes from both vents. Platform has a few patchy moist spots on SV channel, shoulder all dry. Debris still in the same spot they've been on! ** Cistern Spring is the same except that the pools below it and toward Crater Springs, in the bobbysock trees, again are the color of rainbow sherbet
22385 07 Jul 2022 @ 1201 --- steve Minor splashing from South and North vents but no duals. Height 10-20 feet. Little water in the runoff channel.
22360 06 Jul 2022 @ 1120 --- cb no change. platform dry SV channel has a few damp spots ~20' from the vent. **Emerald Spring >no change. **Cistern Spring >no change
22312 04 Jul 2022 @ 1405 --- cb 13D22.5H PE. Steamboat is still Gibbled. Some very weak angled, wispy random spray from both vents. SV Channel, shoulder, back channel all bone dry. Debris from last eruption still on Jabba, the dip & SV. NV bubblers are not active.
22297 03 Jul 2022 @ 0727 --- cb 12D 16H PE.. wee bit more active this am. Some airy wispy spray from both vents, mostly NV. a bit more grumbly this am. SV channel this morning is damp and there is a trickle of water down to the trough but this is mainly coming from the seap below Jabbas jaw. Trough has a wee bit of standing water in it. NV Bubblers are active. Shoulder & back channel are dry. **Cistern same, overflowing mainly out the established channel, catch basins are full with only a trickle of water going into them. **Emerald spring is still bubbling and cloudy lime green.
22287 02 Jul 2022 @ 1308 --- cb 11D 21H PE. Both vents are A TAD BIT more active. Wispy angled jetting, some concerted, from both vents. SV channel, shoulder, back channel & trough all dry. NV bubblers active but weak.
22248 30 Jun 2022 @ 1409 --- cb no change. platform bone dry. Trough is bone dry too. no water from either vent in my 10m observation
22205 29 Jun 2022 @ 1321 --- cb 8D22H PE. SOME water has come back to the vents. platform, channels, shoulder, back channel still dry. Observed some weak (~8-10') angled jetting from both vents. Debris from the last eruption are still scattered all over the dip, jabba, SV & SV channel. Trough is mostly dry albeit some pooling at the very bottom. I believe SB is Gibbled and Fargoozled!
22180 28 Jun 2022 @ 1446 --- cb 7D23.5H PE. no change. Still bone dry and gently steaming. Trough is empty of pooled water except for a very moist spot in the bottom of the trough. **Cistern Spring is overflowing in all directions still, clear, blue, with a vigorous blooping boil. ** Emerald spring >>Bubble bubble, toil and trouble! Still has the same boils in the same spots. Still lime green, cloudy & overflowing
22149 27 Jun 2022 @ 1147 --- cb 6D20.5H PE. SB is still mostly quiet. Occationally some very weak, airy, 5' splashes, from both vents. Platform dry. ET is moist.
22140 26 Jun 2022 @ 1829 --- cb 6D3H PE. platform is bone dry. Some audible low level grumbling but mostly just a gentle steam coming from both vents. 2 airy, wispy NV sprays that were mostly steam during my brief observation. The 2 bubblers in NV channel are active today but not much trickling down below them.
22127 25 Jun 2022 @ 1905 25 Jun 2022 @ 1930 cb 5D3H PE. No change from this morning. Platform bone dry. Some very airy gurgling with wispy puffs of steam from both vents. NV bubblers active. ** Emerald Spring has increased areas with small bubblers breaking the surface
22112 25 Jun 2022 @ 1036 --- cb 4D19H PE. 1 NV angled 10' spray in my 20m brief visit. Heavy steam and gurgling mostly. SV channel, shoulder, back channel are all dry except for the continuous weak seep from the crack below Jabbas chin. NV bubblers are active.
22104 24 Jun 2022 @ 0800 24 Jun 2022 @ 0815 bbev 3D,16hrs PE: No real change from yesterday other than a little more grumbly. Both NV channel bubblers still as active as yesterday. No water seen from either vent. CS in copious overflow in all directions with strong, 6" blooping boil. Barely a trickle at trough, much less than yesterday. Emerald Spring murky with consistent boil in two separate places on near side of pool. No boil seen yesterday.
22094 23 Jun 2022 @ 1830 --- cb 3D3H. Platform is bone dry! no water from either vent. Gently steaming
22096 23 Jun 2022 @ 0800 --- bbev 0800 2D 16hrs PE quietly steaming. No water seen in either vent.  Upper NV channel bubbler is audibly active with visabe water flow down channel, and lower NV channel bubbler active and erupting 3-4" with water flowing down NV channel. Trickle of water at trough, possible from back runoff channel, as SV channel is dry below the vent. CS appears to have recently began overflow to the north, towards Veteran, upper catch basins filling. Overflowing out back channel with trickle into muddy pool.
28 Jan 2023 @ 1648 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's mid-afternoon major eruption on 28 January 2023.
05 Jan 2023 @ 1326 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 1:26 PM major eruption on 5 January 2023.
06 Dec 2022 @ 2035 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 8:35 PM major eruption on 6 December 2022.
05 Nov 2022 @ 1313 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 1:13 PM major eruption on 5 November 2022.
18 Sep 2022 @ 1510 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 3:10 PM major eruption on 18 September 2022.
20 Jun 2022 @ 1525 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 3:25 PM major eruption on 20 June 2022.
10 Jun 2022 @ 1128 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 11:28 AM major eruption on 10 June 2022.
23 May 2022 @ 0845 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 8:45 AM major eruption on 23 May 2022.
23 May 2022 @ 0845 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 8:45 AM major eruption on 23 May 2022.
04 May 2022 @ 0400 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 4:00 AM major eruption on 4 May 2022.
04 May 2022 @ 0400 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 4:00 AM major eruption on 4 May 2022.
30 Mar 2022 @ 1714 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 5:14 PM major eruption on 30 March 2022.
04 Mar 2022 @ 0143 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 1:43 AM major eruption on 4 March 2022.
04 Mar 2022 @ 0143 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 1:43 AM major eruption on 4 March 2022.
14 Feb 2022 @ 1556 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 3:56 PM major eruption on 14 February 2022.
17 Dec 2018 @ 1215 mhreed Illustration of power spectral density plots for each component of YNR. This is like a spectrogram, just visualized with intensity vs. frequency instead of a colormap showing frequency vs. time.
23 Jan 2022 @ 1440 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 2:40 PM major eruption on 23 January 2022.
30 Dec 2021 @ 2212 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 10:12 PM major eruption on 30 December 2021.
16 Dec 2021 @ 0046 JSJ Steamboat Geyser water temperatures for mid-December 2021 + major eruption.
16 Dec 2021 @ 0046 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 12:45 AM major eruption on 16 December 2021.
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