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05 May 2021 @ 0002 E maj11d 15h 5m
23 Apr 2021 @ 0857 ns maj6d 18h 23m
16 Apr 2021 @ 1434 maj11d 15h 6m
04 Apr 2021 @ 2328 E maj8d 10h 27m
27 Mar 2021 @ 1301 E maj9d 9h 17m
18 Mar 2021 @ 0344 E maj14d 7h 44m
03 Mar 2021 @ 1900 A maj9d 23h 40m
21 Feb 2021 @ 1920 E maj18d 17h 19m
03 Feb 2021 @ 0201 E maj21d 17h 3m
12 Jan 2021 @ 0858 E maj9d 15h 58m
02 Jan 2021 @ 1700 ns maj13d 4h 46m
20 Dec 2020 @ 1214 E maj8d 15h 32m
11 Dec 2020 @ 2042 E maj12d 6h 5m
29 Nov 2020 @ 1437 E maj9d 4h 25m
20 Nov 2020 @ 1012 E maj9d 4h 7m
11 Nov 2020 @ 0605 E maj7d 16h 32m
03 Nov 2020 @ 1333 E maj7d 11h 51m
27 Oct 2020 @ 0242 E maj7d 4h 1m
19 Oct 2020 @ 2241 E maj5d 21h 30m
14 Oct 2020 @ 0111 maj8d 4h 6m
05 Oct 2020 @ 2105 maj23m 9d 10h 30m
26 Sep 2020 @ 1035 maj17m 9d 22h 51m
16 Sep 2020 @ 1144 maj1h 17m 6d 20h 44m
09 Sep 2020 @ 1500 maj13m 7d 18h 26m
01 Sep 2020 @ 2034 maj40m 6d 2h 58m
26 Aug 2020 @ 1736 maj24m 6d 14h 36m
20 Aug 2020 @ 0300 maj5d 11h 31m
14 Aug 2020 @ 1529 maj31m 4d 16h 23m
09 Aug 2020 @ 2306 maj6d 13h 9m
03 Aug 2020 @ 0957 maj36m 4d 8h 49m
30 Jul 2020 @ 0108 maj5d 12h 7m
24 Jul 2020 @ 1301 maj3m 5d 1h 20m
19 Jul 2020 @ 1141 maj33m 5d 15h 37m
13 Jul 2020 @ 2004 maj22m 4d 9h 17m
09 Jul 2020 @ 1047 maj43m 5d 20h 32m
03 Jul 2020 @ 1415 maj26m 4d 12h 46m
29 Jun 2020 @ 0129 maj5d 13h 47m
23 Jun 2020 @ 1142 maj14m 4d 18h 14m
18 Jun 2020 @ 1728 maj3m 5d 18h 48m
12 Jun 2020 @ 2240 E maj4d 5h 3m
08 Jun 2020 @ 1737 maj28m 5d 1h 45m
03 Jun 2020 @ 1552 maj26m 3d 9h 29m
31 May 2020 @ 0623 maj1h 0m 7d 15h 16m
23 May 2020 @ 1507 E maj3d 18h 56m
19 May 2020 @ 2011 E maj5d 15h 55m
14 May 2020 @ 0416 E maj6d 3h 11m
08 May 2020 @ 0105 E maj10d 8h 44m
27 Apr 2020 @ 1621 E maj16d 23h 34m
10 Apr 2020 @ 1647 E maj8d 13h 6m
02 Apr 2020 @ 0341 E maj8d 6h 24m
24 Mar 2020 @ 2117 E maj9d 1h 9m
15 Mar 2020 @ 2008 E maj9d 32m
06 Mar 2020 @ 1836 E maj6d 19h 4m
28 Feb 2020 @ 2332 E maj7d 21h 55m
21 Feb 2020 @ 0137 E maj8d 8h 14m
12 Feb 2020 @ 1723 E maj10d 20h 16m
01 Feb 2020 @ 2107 E maj9d 2h 42m
23 Jan 2020 @ 1825 E maj13d 22h 40m
09 Jan 2020 @ 1945 E maj13d 22h 11m
26 Dec 2019 @ 2134 E maj8d 5h 52m
18 Dec 2019 @ 1542 E maj9d 22h 49m
08 Dec 2019 @ 1653 E maj11d 16h 6m
27 Nov 2019 @ 0047 E maj9d 12h 18m
17 Nov 2019 @ 1229 maj17m 9d 8h 30m
08 Nov 2019 @ 0359 E maj8d 13h 6m
30 Oct 2019 @ 1553 maj8d 2h 37m
22 Oct 2019 @ 1316 E maj6d 9h 25m
16 Oct 2019 @ 0351 E maj8d 7h 6m
07 Oct 2019 @ 2045 maj6d 7h 52m
01 Oct 2019 @ 1253 maj49m 6d 6h 31m
25 Sep 2019 @ 0622 maj7d 6h 40m
17 Sep 2019 @ 2342 ns maj~21m 6d 2h 2m
11 Sep 2019 @ 2140 maj25m 8d 19h 6m
03 Sep 2019 @ 0234 maj23m 6d 15h 47m
27 Aug 2019 @ 1047 maj18m 6d 21h 56m
20 Aug 2019 @ 1251 maj15m 7d 14h 28m
12 Aug 2019 @ 2223 maj15m 13d 15h 3m
30 Jul 2019 @ 0720 maj6d 5h 28m
24 Jul 2019 @ 0152 maj5d 19h 40m
18 Jul 2019 @ 0612 maj17m 7d 11h 4m
10 Jul 2019 @ 1908 maj1h 29m 6d 17h 52m
04 Jul 2019 @ 0116 maj1h 16m 5d 1h 32m
28 Jun 2019 @ 2344 ns maj5d 10h 58m
23 Jun 2019 @ 1246 maj4d 10h 26m
19 Jun 2019 @ 0220 E maj3d 9h 41m
15 Jun 2019 @ 1639 maj12m 3d 3h 47m
12 Jun 2019 @ 1252 maj5d 11h 39m
07 Jun 2019 @ 0113 ns maj5d 4h 26m
01 Jun 2019 @ 2047 majsee comments5d 3h 18m
27 May 2019 @ 1729 maj107d 2h 6m
20 May 2019 @ 1523 maj6d 19h 29m
13 May 2019 @ 1954 maj5d 11h 54m
08 May 2019 @ 0800 maj5d 5h 40m
03 May 2019 @ 0220 E maj7d 3h 55m
25 Apr 2019 @ 2225 E maj17d 1h 41m
08 Apr 2019 @ 2044 E maj14d 3h 7m
25 Mar 2019 @ 1737 E maj8d 2h 43m
17 Mar 2019 @ 1454 E maj6d 13h 0m

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Interval Count100
Min3d 3h 47m
Max37d 18h 51m
Mean8d 12h 2m
Median7d 8h 52m

Latest Notes

Note IDStart Time (US/Mountain)End Time (US/Mountain)EntrantNote
18793 02 Aug 2021 @ 0833 --- cb 25D2H.. Steamboat is doing much the same activity as I've observed in the past few days. Strong huffing of steam from both vents but predominantly NV. NV is a mix of steam and both angled jets and strong vertical bounces of water. SV is mostly all steam with an occational wispy spritz of water. SV channel is very wet ~10' below its vent and mostly dry above it. There is a thin trickle of water that appears to be coming from a steaming vent somewhere below Jabbas right jaw and flows down the far left side of SV channel. Channel is wet with a continuous trickle of water to the footbridge and beyond. Back shoulder is dry. This note is taken before any rain overnight. Cistern Spring is the same >low pool, weak boil, overflowing toward Echinus and a bit in a low spot toward Veteran.
18704 28 Jul 2021 @ 0800 --- cb Some angled play from NV but mostly huffing steam from both vents. SV runoff channel is dry from the vent down 10ish feet, from there channel is damp on the far left side to the foot bridge.
18692 27 Jul 2021 @ 0900 27 Jul 2021 @ 1845 cb quick note. Very little water if any from either vent. mostly just occational steam. viewed off and on from Decker. SV channel is bone dry. Trough has some residual pooled water. EMERALD SPRING is at the same water level, down 4" from overflow, clear, calm and more blue than green. CISTERN SPRING is also the same. Only overflowing out the channel toward Echinus. weak boil.
18660 25 Jul 2021 @ 0855 --- cb 17D2.5H.. SB is forcefully huffing mix of steam and water from NV, SV mostly steam. SV run off channel at the top, just below the vent is bone dry, 15' below the vent the channel is damp. I believe this is from NV splashes coming over the "dip" (Jabbas left ear) and running down the lefthand side of SV channel. Very little water in SV. CISTERN SPRING is still low and barely in overflow with a weak boil. EMERALD SPRING is also the same, pool 3-4" below overflow, clear, calm, green.
18638 24 Jul 2021 @ 1857 --- cb 16D12.5H.. SB is huffing forced steam with some bounces of water from NV to 5' and mostly airy spray with bigger water droplets. Nothing but steam from SV. Both channels are bone dry. CISTERN SPRING is only barely overflowing out the established channel toward Echinus. It is cloudy blue with a very weak boil. EMERALD SPRING is still ~3-4" below overflow. It is clear, calm & greenish in color. The 3 Trees feature along the east edge of Emerald's runoff, close to the boardwalk, that I have watched for 3 years is putting out a little bit of water down Emeralds channel, but not much! No boil at all. The sputter in the green algae 3' toward the Museum is inactive.
18600 23 Jul 2021 @ 0836 --- bbev Some occasional spritsy, angled jetting out of NV. CS only overflowing out back channel. Emerald springs still 3" below overflow.
18572 22 Jul 2021 @ 0946 --- cb 14D3H.. Steamboat is gently huffing steam. NV had a wisp of water in 1 huff. SV channel is damp in places but dry around the vent. Trough has water but I believe it is from rainfall, same with patchy dampness in SV channel. CISTERN SPRING pool is low and is 1" below overflow in most directions. The established channel toward Echinus has a weak flow of water. Cistern has a weak boil and is a cloudy turquoise blue color. EMERALD SPRING is very low. pool is still down ~4" below overflow. it is calm, greenish/blue and clear.
18520 19 Jul 2021 @ 0800 19 Jul 2021 @ 0830 cb 11D1.5H.. Steamboat is Huffing mostly steam with an occational wisp of water out of both vents. Channels are dry as is the Trough. CISTERN SPRING is about an inch or 2 below full overflow. Pool is just at the scalloped edges and water is starting to seep out of the established channel toward Echinus. Water is cloudy blue with a weak boil and very small convection waves if any! EMERALD SPRINGS pool is still way below overflow, ~4"+ below overflow, it is clear and calm, back to green in color and steamy!
18501 18 Jul 2021 @ 1004 --- cb 10D3.5H... SB is gently steaming with an occational huff. 1 spritz of water from SV. ET is wet. Nothing observed from NV. Channels dry. CISTERN SPRING is not yet in overflow. Still ~1.5' below overflow with a weak 1 point boil. EMERALD SPRING is even lower than last night, down ~5". It is clear, greenish, with slight convection in the thumb. @ 1343 CISTERN SPRING is at about the same point in the pool. Very weak, sluggish 1pt boil
18485 17 Jul 2021 @ 1944 --- cb 9D13H... Steamboat is not even huffing much. Just gentle steam from both vents. CISTERN SPRING has filled to 4' above the inner tube rim or 6'+ below overflow..It has a meh (mediocre) 2 pt boil. EMERALD SPRING is 3-4" below overflow still, the pool has cleared, is more green than blue & only has slight convection in the thumb area.
18446 16 Jul 2021 @ 0803 --- cb 8D1.5H. Steamboat is gently steaming. No water in either vent. channels dry. CISTERN SPRING is filling. Water is only up to the cave, 8' below the rim of the inner tube. It has a vigorous boil. EMERALD SPRING is still below overflow, 3" below the out flow channel. Slight bubbles still in the thumb, cloudy opalescent blue in color.
18410 13 Jul 2021 @ 0903 --- cb 5D2.5H. Steamboat is gently steaming with light huffing. no water from either vent. SV channel is dry. NV has some pooling water in low depressions. CISTERN SPRING is empty, steaming and no audible sound of water deep in the vent yet. EMERALD SPRING pool has come up a bit but still not in overflow. Pool is still blue, slight bubbles and cloudy.
18374 11 Jul 2021 @ 1409 --- cb 3D7.5H near end! last rhythmic huffs/bursts of steam (and a bit of water) from NV. SV channel mostly dry. CISTERN SPRING has no water yet. EMERALD SPRING still milky turquoise blue, not overflowing with random bubbles in and around the thumb.
18350 11 Jul 2021 @ 0831 11 Jul 2021 @ 0854 cb 3D2H ie. NV is still continously pushing water/steam mix to ~15'+ with rhythmic huffing. SV is also a mix of light water/steam with a continuous flow of water down the runoff channel. CISTERN SPRING is empty and lightly steaming. No audible sound of water. EMERALD SPRING is milky cloudy, turquoise blue in color, still has the small bubblers breaking the surface and the pool is low and not in overflow.
18363 10 Jul 2021 @ 2220 --- annelies8 still in steam phase
18342 10 Jul 2021 @ 1758 --- cb 2D11.5. Steamboat is still ie with milder play compared to this morning. NV still is producing mix of a thin veil of water with steam to 10'. SV huffing steam, no water in the vent or channel. CISTERN SPRING is empty and dry, no steam or audible water sounds. EMERALD SPRING is turquoise blue in color, cloudy, not in overflow and with the same small bubblers on the edge of the pool closest to the boardwalk.
18339 10 Jul 2021 @ 0724 --- cb 2D50M. Steamboat is still putting out a continuous stream of mixed water and steam to 20'+ from both vents. SV & NV also have a continuous stream of water flowing down their channels! SV water is milky white. Green algae in SV channel is mostly gone. Another Energizer Bunny eruption! Cistern Spring is still empty but has steam. No audible water sounds from it yet.. EMERALD SPRING IS greenish blue, cloudy with random, small, golf ball sized bubbles breaking the surface by the thumb area of the pool.
18320 09 Jul 2021 @ 1942 --- cb 1D13H. Emerald spring is more blue than green, clear, Not in overflow and has 3 areas that have golf ball sized bubbles breaking the surface in the thumb, close to the edge by the boardwalk and on the south edge. More than this morning. SB is still pushing a continuous thin jet of water from the NV to ~15'. SV is forcefully huffing a mix of steam & water. There is a light flow of water down the SV channel and it is coated in white! Cistern Spring is empty/no steam and also is white with a yellowy/ light green tint on the top inner rim.
18321 09 Jul 2021 @ 1500 --- MAB Most of the morning visitor and staff reports described bursts up to 50 ft including wetting the platforms and people - by late afternoon descriptions were lower heights but it still had some water in play
18316 09 Jul 2021 @ 0705 --- cb 24.5 H. Steamboat is still ie and both vents have water to ~40'. Cistern has drained with a slight wisp of steam. Emerald has some golf ball to tennis ball sized bubbles breaking the surface along the thumb and side closest to the boardwalk. It is very steamy, greenish and not in overflow.
18291 06 Jul 2021 @ 0948 06 Jul 2021 @ 1103 cb 35D22H. Both vents are active. Still NV dominated with tall, sometimes vertical play. SV has good, angled, jetting that is putting out some babbling brooks. Evidence of some nice SV play before I arrived as the SV tributaries below the bridge are wet and have pooled water in low depressions. Very typical of good activity I've observed.... then it drops off to a dismal trickle. Green algae is forming in SV channel ABOVE the trough and extends 30'+ below the bridge & it is most dense in the trough and 6' below the bridge. Emerald spring is clear, calm and overflowing. Cistern Spring water level is just at or barely below the scalloped edges (sinter rim) of the pool. It is overflowing out the established run off channels and a bit out the backside and toward Veteran. Color is blue and it's clear with a vigorous boil. Muddy pool is devoid of water.
18287 06 Jul 2021 @ 0830 --- udo Temp gauge is offline. Significant drop in temps were recorded for more than a day prior to data link loss.
18286 06 Jul 2021 @ 0715 --- cb 35D 19.5 H. Steamboat has exceeded its longest interval in this series that started in March 2018. That one was 35D 10H 49M.
18269 04 Jul 2021 @ 1230 04 Jul 2021 @ 2130 William As Carol described, hot and cold periods of activity with the last one of the day happening around 16:00. Really quiet thereafter with steerage runoff turning from pathetic to dismal intermittently until I left.
18265 04 Jul 2021 @ 1027 04 Jul 2021 @ 1230 cb 34D+. SB is having very active periods followed by inactivity. Active periods have tall, NV angled and vertical play accompanied by SV angled and aalllmosttt vertical, tall play. SV is currently putting out babbling brooks and several raging rivers. I have watched this play alot in the past few weeks and we get impressive action only to see it dissimprove directly afterwards. But, it is a holiday and.... :) 😀 There is more green algae in the trough and down the channel past the bridge. Cistern spring pool is low! Only over flowing out the established channel toward Echinus and barely over the back side. Surrounding edges of the platform are caked dry as is the muddy pool. Emerald Spring is low and BARELY overflowing. Event non-geyser related: >The Beverly's caught MANY cutthroat trout (22") in the past 3 days!
18201 30 Jun 2021 @ 0830 30 Jun 2021 @ 1630 cb 30D+ PE. This morning SB activity looked better than yesterday with a bit more water in SV channel. 0930 runoff is back to a trickle at steerage. next activity was @ 1510 &1525. we had a nice babbling brook that dispersed water into the channel toward Echinus and a wee bit (viewed with binoculars) down the middle channel just above the dead trees. Activity slowed down to a trickle and I left. Cistern Spring has not changed since yesterday and Emerald spring is clear, calm, greenish and in very slight overflow. The green algae in the trough and just below the bridge in the cracks is spreading a bit.
18190 29 Jun 2021 @ 1750 --- Graham Not as good as yesterday. South unable to sustain any volume or runoff. North less active too.
18189 29 Jun 2021 @ 0700 29 Jun 2021 @ 1710 cb 29D PE. Arrived to a very lack luster platform. Very little continuous water flowing down SV channel. Tall, sometimes vertical NV accompanied with angled SV. Babbling brook at 0829 & 0912. Activity decreased after that to snooze level! From noon to 1615 activity has not changed much. Occasionally there will be a SV minor that puts a meh river down the channel. Water at bridge is mostly a consistent weak trickle @ 1711. There is a bit of green algae growing on the right side of the trough on the sinter shelf. Cistern's pool has dropped a smidgen & is overflowing only toward Echinus and out the backside. It has a vigorous 2 point boil.. Emerald Spring is clear, calm & greenish.
18179 28 Jun 2021 @ 2200 --- William No follow up push since the 14:00 hour. Some strong NV minors through the evening and SV fountaining at 21:03 but never really tried to erupt this evening.
18159 28 Jun 2021 @ 1945 --- Graham Good activity early morning with North active and South vent putting out a fair amount of water. Next activity was around 1400 with some sustained activity from North and South and the best water, including raging river. Nothing else significant and both vents were pretty quiet when I left.
18120 27 Jun 2021 @ 0730 27 Jun 2021 @ 2016 cb 27 D PE. Not much change from yesterday.
18116 27 Jun 2021 @ 1100 --- TheHikingDude 2 minors up to 60ish feet from NV. SV tried a couple times but only got to around 10 feet
18104 26 Jun 2021 @ 1730 --- Graham Some improvement over yesterday per Carol. NV dominated. One raging river from SV and several babbling brooks.
18086 25 Jun 2021 @ 0900 25 Jun 2021 @ 1700 bbev 25D PE: Slight improvement from yesterday. Some solo and concerted SV play that put several babbling brooks down the runoff channel. Thicker NV, some were vertical. Cistern is a tad bit lower with dry patches on the backside and towards Veteran. A bit more rainbow sherbert colored algae growing above the muddy pool and much more orange colored algae in the Bobby Sox trees on the backside.
18074 24 Jun 2021 @ 0815 24 Jun 2021 @ 1548 cb 24D+ PE. Pretty much the same as yesterday with MAAAYBE a bit more water out of SV, ON OCCASION. Still NV dominated with the occational SV that attempts to go vertical (big) but lacks water and strength. A few ok (meh) SV rivers but they are few and far between. Mostly just a steady weak stream of water to the bridge. Cistern spring is the same except the runoff over the shoulder toward the muddy pool has beautiful bacteria mat that looks like rainbow sherbet! Emerald is calm, clear and greenish blue.
18054 23 Jun 2021 @ 0900 23 Jun 2021 @ 1500 cb 23D+ PE. This morning Steamboat looked more interesting than I've seen. Nice NV with some V and 2 reverse V bounces+. Some fuller SV's, 6+' with some nice rivers that have washed the pine needles off above the trough and has added some small rivulets that extend 8' below the bridge. This afternoon was lackluster. Small dry patches on SV channel that are dampened by weak rivers. All in all it is improving in spits and furtz! NV much more active than SV.
18032 22 Jun 2021 @ 0900 22 Jun 2021 @ 1729 cb 22D+ PE. I've tried to post a detailed description of the activity today but GT will only post part of it SO, bottom line is the activity at SB is a little bit (incrementally) better than yesterday.
17961 21 Jun 2021 @ 1541 --- cb Steamboat is splishy/splashy. NV angled jets to 30', SV angled splashes to 5'. SV channel has a constant trickle of water to the bridge and a single, thin steam of water beyond the bridge. it does not reach Tantalus Creek. Cistern spring pool is high, clear and overflowing to the south and backside with a vigorous roiling, blooping boil. Emerald spring is clear, calm & in overflow.
17939 20 Jun 2021 @ 0817 --- cb 19D 20.5H PE. Angled jetting from both vents. Mostly NV. SV channel is wet with a light trickle of water to the bridge and beyond toward Tantalus. Back shoulder is damp. Cistern spring is the same, pool is high and in overflow. Emerald spring is calm, cloudy and slightly overflowing.
17880 18 Jun 2021 @ 0800 --- bbev NV spritzing regularly. SV occasional spritz over ET’s head. Back shoulder dry, runoff channel damp with trickle that has half filled trough. No water below steerage bridge.
17874 17 Jun 2021 @ 0855 --- novakg Good NV and SV angled eruptions. Water in runoff channel is not reaching the trough.
17860 16 Jun 2021 @ 1645 --- novakg Minors were looking slightly better, but are still not putting water down the channel. SV had one angled minor closely followed by a slightly less wispy NV minor.
17805 15 Jun 2021 @ 0950 --- cb 14D22H PE. Steamboat is still gently steaming with the occational angled splash from both vents. SV channel is bone dry however I'm seeing more angled spray from SV that dampens the vent area. Cistern Spring is the same, high and overflowing in all directions. Emerald spring is calm, green in color and in slight overflow.
17763 14 Jun 2021 @ 0747 --- cb 13D20H PE. SB is mostly just billowing steam from both vents with an occational 20' angled jet from NV. Some NV water is landing in/on the dip (vertical spot on Jabba) and creating a damp, narrow stream of water that runs 15' down the far west side of SV runoff channel. This dampness in the channel is NOT from SV. SV channel is dry. Cistern Spring is the same, overflowing to the south and the backside with a blooping boil. Emerald spring is steamy, calm and in slight overflow.
17744 13 Jun 2021 @ 1120 --- cb mostly same as the past few days except there is a bit of random weak splashing from SV. SV channel still bone dry. area directly around the SV is damp. NV has weak, spritzy spray but did observe a weak bounce from NV. cistern spring is the same, as is Emerald spring
17723 12 Jun 2021 @ 1628 --- MAB Trough completely dry and full of gravels at this time - there *may* have been some decent sprays this morning based on increased steam seen from Vixen and random visitor and interp reports
17691 12 Jun 2021 @ 0749 --- cb 11D 20H PE. 37° Both vents are gently steaming with some grumbling accompanied by the occational NV wispy, angled spritz. No water seen from SV and the runoff channel is bone dry. Cistern Spring is high, overflowing with a blopping boil. Emerald spring is steamy, clear, calm and in slight overflow
17660 11 Jun 2021 @ 0743 --- cb 10D20H PE. SB is gently steaming. A few VERY wispy, angled NV, sprays. (not even jetting) SV channel is bone dry and no water from the vent observed. Cistern spring pool is high and in overflow, 3 pt blooping boil. Emerald Spring is calm, clear and in slight overflow.
17646 10 Jun 2021 @ 0830 10 Jun 2021 @ 1030 Tara South Vent puffing steam, North Vent spritzing with occasional wispy jetting to 10'. Channel and trough dry.
17629 09 Jun 2021 @ 1645 --- novakg North vent threw a wispy column of water. No water observed in SV.
17612 09 Jun 2021 @ 1623 --- Craigmon99 Water seen erupting from NV 1623
17630 09 Jun 2021 @ 1129 --- novakg A visitor at Vixen reported water erupting from at least one of the vents. I was unable to confirm this during an 1152 walkby.
17599 09 Jun 2021 @ 0945 09 Jun 2021 @ 0950 Tara Pushing mostly steam, ET and area around North Vent were damp but I did not see even wispy water in my short observation. Runoff channel completely dry, no water in trough.
17628 09 Jun 2021 @ 0908 --- novakg Steaming from North and South vent. No liquid dihydrogen monoxide was observed during a one minute observation.
17598 09 Jun 2021 @ 0800 09 Jun 2021 @ 0805 bbev 8D,20.5H, PE; frequent, very wispy NV minors in the 5 min I was there. Wind from the east made it difficult to see SV, and runoff was dry up to the vent.
17567 08 Jun 2021 @ 0800 --- bbev 7D,20H PE; Only gaseous water seen, SV runoff is bone dry.
17538 07 Jun 2021 @ 1652 --- novakg Just a walk-by observation. North vent vigorously steaming. No water observed. No activity of any kind from South Vent.
17523 07 Jun 2021 @ 0745 --- cb 6D20H PE. Steamboat is huffing and grumbling. A few spritz from NV. Nothing from SV and its runoff channel is dry. Cistern Spring is high and overflowing in all directions
17501 06 Jun 2021 @ 0822 --- bbev 5D,20.5 hrs PE; ET glistening with small spritz seen, mostly quiet with occasional soft huffing from either vent. SV channel dry. Slight trickle in NV with upper bubbler active. No additional water seen in short, 30 min, observation. CS is high and overflowing out of back channel, and has yet to reach overflow to the NW terraces or into the muddy pool. Light, 3 point boil in opalescent, light blue pool. Emerald is clear, flat , barely overflowing pool.
17479 05 Jun 2021 @ 1455 --- steve Light steam, no minors, runoff channels are dry.
17438 04 Jun 2021 @ 1620 --- cb 4D 4.5H PE Steamboat VERY calm. no water. Cistern Spring water level has only come up a few inches since this morning observation. It is just covering (lapping over) the 2 holes inside the cave on the south side. Still has a vigorous boil.
17442 04 Jun 2021 @ 0943 --- cb 3D22H PE. VERY calm. gently steaming, no huffing or grumbling sounds. Cistern spring is filling. water is at the 2 holes near the Cave about 6' from the inner rim.with a vigorous boil.
17447 04 Jun 2021 @ 0758 --- bbev 3D,20hrs PE; Quietly steaming. CS, water heard, and vigorous boiling seen, by standing on railing, deep in crater. Appears to be refilling, very steamy on warm morning.
17399 03 Jun 2021 @ 0725 --- cb gently huffing steam. Cistern spring is lightly steaming. no visible or audible signs of water in the pool. Emerald spring is steamy, SLIGHT overflow (just to the mouth of the run off channel, NOT flowing down the channel!) and calm.
17386 02 Jun 2021 @ 1430 --- Tara Gentle steam phase, no water.
17384 02 Jun 2021 @ 0950 --- Tara Still in steam phase with wispy water to 5-10' from North Vent and a light, steady flow at the bridge.
17268 30 May 2021 @ 0925 30 May 2021 @ 1330 Ben VL Steamboat continues the activity from the last few days with large, tall, and sometimes vertical NV (some of the verticals are fairly tall) and a lackluster SV. SV does occasionally have a heavier minor, and sometimes it is sustained and/or contains a vertical splash or surge. No sustained vertical and no large SV vertical. It seems that NV is often dragging SV along into doing something 'interesting' a lot of the time. It often accompanies nicer/decent NV activity. Gravel is accumulating in the trough but not being pushed out. The green bacteria in the trough & beyond has grown a little since last night. Emerald cloudy this morning (low wind) but cleared up quite a bit by the time I left. It seems like it has been alternating btwn clear and cloudy each day for a while. Echinus has also been alternating clear and murky each day. It seems that whenever ES is clear, Echinus has been that cloudy filthy brown color from last year, and visa versa. The one note where I saw something sort of interesting from a few days ago, ES was clear and Echinus was murky.
17248 29 May 2021 @ 1800 --- bbev No change other than trough and the 2 main channels below bridge have been invaded by green algae! Algae extends 150-200' down main runoff. Rust colored areas beginning to appear in several places above bridge. Ben reported that he noticed the change beginning yesterday.
17230 28 May 2021 @ 0950 28 May 2021 @ 1310 Ben VL Same as Suzanne's note, except after they left, I did see a couple SV's with a brief vertical splash in them. Runoff is poor.
17225 28 May 2021 @ 0705 28 May 2021 @ 1005 Suzanne Nothing encouraging to report. Looked similar to what we saw on May 26. North Vent dominant, a few bounces but no vertical, South Vent weak. Steady light runoff at the bridge.
17204 27 May 2021 @ 0900 27 May 2021 @ 1945 Ben VL At 1128 there was a large minor with SV vertical and heavy, and NV vertical and heavy over 20'. Not sustained for long, and it crashed after. Washed a lot of gravel down the channel. The interesting thing was that afterwards, the water in the trough turned milky for a few minutes. For almost an hour starting at ~1610, we had a nicer period of activity with fairly frequent SV vertical and a fair amount of nicely sustained ones. NV picked up too with an increase in strength and some nice, large vertical surges. Several concerted minors. SV may have even finished off a couple of them. I was at decker 2 so my view was slightly obstructed. No real sustained or tall SV vertical at any point. When I returned to steerage after, the pile of gravel in the trough was noticeably larger. Still pretty quiet aside from that. ES is clear again, CS high with huge boil still. More later.
17190 26 May 2021 @ 0800 26 May 2021 @ 1120 Suzanne Zero improvement, and actually worse than two days ago. South Vent minors were weak and infrequent, although there is still steady light runoff at the bridge. No more debris has been washed. North Vent minors were angled, some thick but no vertical.
17185 25 May 2021 @ 0810 25 May 2021 @ 1615 Ben VL Better than yesterday. As Art reported yesterday, water in the trough is clear (it was cloudy yesterday morning). Right after 1100 we had an increase in activity. There were a few pushes that moved some gravel down the channel, and one that moved a significant amount down the channel. Probably the first distinctly "good" surge I've seen. It was followed up by a 10'+ NV vertical. The activity at 1100 was good enough to call a 'push' IMO. May have witnessed the end of a similar event after arriving back from lunch about 1400. SV hinting at vertical at times but still predominantly angled, and not sustained for long, if at all. Still thinner than I would like. NV still thiq and tall like yesterday but with more frequent and better bounce to it. Fair amount of concerted minors but SV never got strong enough to turn NV off. Weather was actually mostly dry today.
17178 25 May 2021 @ 0750 25 May 2021 @ 1300 Suzanne Moderate improvement from what we saw yesterday. Nice surges from both vents from 1100 to 1130, a few small verticals seen from North Vent. No vertical from South Vent but some surges were thick with more discharge. Some debris moved down the runoff channel.
17170 24 May 2021 @ 1830 24 May 2021 @ 1930 bbev NV remains broad, voluminous and occasionally vertical. SV plays in concert at times with steady runoff that is often moderate. No vertical seen from SV during brief stay. From the bridge l see no evidence of anything even approaching a 3 on the "T" runoff scale, other than a small amount of new gravel in the trough.. Water in the trough has cleared from this morning. Cistern remains very high and overflowing in all directions. Emerald is calm and clear, closely guarded by Harry this evening.
17168 24 May 2021 @ 1300 --- bbev Nice concerted north vertical, with south vent vertical to just over ET's head for maybe two seconds, with good, moderate runoff. First attempt at vertical from SV in the little time l have observed this interval. Nothing after that until l left at 1330.
17167 24 May 2021 @ 0930 24 May 2021 @ 1050 Suzanne Did not see any improvement from a few days ago. Biggest change was the white in the runoff channel at the bridge. Steady light runoff from South Vent. No vertical seen while we were there.
17165 24 May 2021 @ 0743 --- bbev Almost vertical SV as I walked up with moderate runoff. NV still thikk and vertical. 3” new snow and trees down at a clear calm Emerald. Harry the Snowshoe Hare seen in the area. Cistern is overflowing into and out of muddy pool. Water at steerage is still milky, as reported by veteran SB gazer Clara last evening. Whitening of the SV runoff channel has reached the bridge.
17164 23 May 2021 @ 1730 23 May 2021 @ 1830 bbev Couple of nice vertical NV minors. NV appears to have plenty of water but SV is entirely angled with only light to moderate runoff. Few concerted minors, all angled and none sustained.
17162 22 May 2021 @ 1330 22 May 2021 @ 1730 cb Afternoon observation was briefly encouraging. SV channel is whitening. Between 1330 - 1430 SV had 4 angled minors that put nice rivers down the channel but that was short lived. NV still dominates the platform with tall angled minors and an occational bounce. Cistern is at the same water level > high >overflowing in all directions > clear with a blooping boil.
17161 22 May 2021 @ 0846 22 May 2021 @ 1200 cb A bit of change at SB. Not much activity when I first got there. ~1000 - 1030 nice SV rivers. Hard to see the vent activity through the steam. It appears to be all angled minors tho. More later.
17159 21 May 2021 @ 0800 --- cb SB activity is unchanged from yesterday, and the day before, and the day before etc! Angled NV eruptions and very few SV eruptions. No vertical.. Small rocks in the trough are in the same place. Debris is SV channel MIGHT be less in quantity but mostly still there. SV channel does appear to be lightening (white*ish). Cistern spring is at the same level I've observed for the last week. Pool is high, overflowing in all directions and lapping over the scalloped edges. Emerald spring is calm, greenish and overflow is not discernable at this early morning hour.
17155 20 May 2021 @ 2100 --- EmilyW Bizzare YNM trace starting around this time. Likely not steamboat since it is scratchy. Just marking for future reference.
17151 20 May 2021 @ 0645 20 May 2021 @ 1200 Suzanne Looked very similar to yesterday: steady light runoff at the bridge, angled splashing from North and South Vents, North Vent dominant. At 0719, 0735, and 0749 there were bounces from North Vent and heavier runoff from South. For a 10-minute period at 1100 the angled activity from both vents became more frequent, but it subsided afterwards. No vertical and nothing sustained.
17150 20 May 2021 @ 0840 20 May 2021 @ 1000 cb not much change from yesterday. NV had a few tall, angled minors but weak, angled minors from SV
17147 19 May 2021 @ 1945 19 May 2021 @ 2045 Tara Steady but unremarkable overflow at steerage, no tall minors or vertical seen, South vent generally weak.
17138 19 May 2021 @ 0645 19 May 2021 @ 1800 Suzanne Similar to yesterday morning. Runoff at the bridge was very steady but debris was still in the channel. A few more bounces seen in North Vent but nothing vertical. South Vent had a few heavier angled surges at 0959, 1305, 1407, and 1635 with heavier runoff but nothing sustained. Both vents had heavier surging (all angled) for a ten-minute period starting at 0959. Otherwise activity was mostly angled splashing from North Vent with weak splashing from South.
17127 18 May 2021 @ 0650 18 May 2021 @ 1350 Suzanne Activity was similar to yesterday although in the morning runoff at the bridge was a bit heavier, but still not enough to push debris down the channel. In the morning activity from North Vent was more frequent and forceful, but still angled. A few bounces were observed, but nothing vertical and nothing sustained. South Vent was angled with no fountaining, weaker than North Vent. There was one nice surge out of South Vent at 1229, close to fountaining with noisy runoff but not sustained. With that one exception from South Vent, in general the activity weakened shortly after 11 AM with longer periods of quiet.
17124 17 May 2021 @ 0820 17 May 2021 @ 1950 RLJones Today was a repeat of yesterday. Only one significant push of N&S vents at about 1850 which resulted in a large runoff down the channel that could be heard all the way to the bridge. About 1920 there was a brief 10ft N vertical, without any angle, and accompanied by a S angled.
17116 17 May 2021 @ 0800 17 May 2021 @ 1600 cb I left st 1600 and there was no change from Suzanne's report. A few NV mini bounces and one SV river that had a bit of porpoising. As Tom would say... Meh!
17113 17 May 2021 @ 0740 17 May 2021 @ 1140 Suzanne Slight improvement from what we observed yesterday morning. Runoff in the channel was a bit stronger, still steady. North and South vents still angled. I did see a couple of bounces from North but no high vertical and nothing sustained. No fountaining observed in South Vent.
17107 16 May 2021 @ 0800 16 May 2021 @ 2000 RLJones SB continued to have weak minors but were slighly stronger than yesterdays. A few angled minors from N to about 35 ft and S to 20ft occurred at 1851 and 1900 with strong runoff - stronger than yesterdays best. There were three brief 5 to 10ft verticals from NV occurring at 1126, 1156, and 1542. Cistern and Emerald remain unchanged since yesterday.
17104 16 May 2021 @ 0650 16 May 2021 @ 0750 Suzanne Angled splashing from North and South Vents, nothing heavy. No vertical surges, no bounces, no babbling brooks. Runoff at steerage is steady but light. Debris has not washed.
17102 15 May 2021 @ 1617 15 May 2021 @ 1800 RLJones No changes to BB's previous post except that the system had less energy after BB left at 1617. There were no vertical or vertical bounces during my observation. The runoff was slightly weaker. The debre in the channel remains unchanged since 1617
17098 15 May 2021 @ 1100 15 May 2021 @ 1617 bbev Continued angled, wispy play from both vents with hourly vertical splash from NV and barely audible runoff down SV channel. SV runoff never strong enough to move any debris down the channel. 1500-1600 slight upkick in activity; more frequent, but no stronger SV runoff, and somewhat thikker, more frequent, angled NV. 1550: NV bounce. 1556; first near vertical SV seen with runoff that moved any gravel. Several bubbles seen in Emerald's clear pool as we walked out.
17096 15 May 2021 @ 0830 15 May 2021 @ 1030 bbev Mostly angled jetting from both vents with one or two small bounces out of NV. SV runoff improved some but no evidence of substantial water at bridge. Still has not rolled much of the debris down the channel. Shoulder is wet and steamy with trickle down back channel. NV wispy but occasionally somewhat thicker.
17088 14 May 2021 @ 1659 --- cb Not much change since 1400. All angled jetting. No vertical. Debris is still in the same place in SV channel as was at 1400> so no good SV rivers have occurred to move it down to the bridge.
17089 14 May 2021 @ 1200 14 May 2021 @ 1345 cb Angled jetting from both vents. No significant runoff down SV that moved any of the accumulated debris down the channel. No Vertical observed.
17085 14 May 2021 @ 0916 14 May 2021 @ 0949 cb Water is back in both vents. To steamy to read heights but both vents are angled spray. SV channel has a constant stream of water flowing. There still are a lot of small rocks and debris in SV channel so no really powerful rivers have washed those down the channel yet. Back shoulder & channel is wet. NV channel is WET with a slight trickle from the Pollys Pool area on down the channel. SV water is a constant flow at the bridge and a bit beyond unto the Delta. Trough is full of debris. Cistern spring pool is high and overflowing in all directions, especially out of the established runoff channel to the south.
17076 13 May 2021 @ 0930 13 May 2021 @ 1015 RLJones N&S vents sprayed water only 3 times during this observation. N to about 15 ft and S to about 10 ft, all angled. One of the S vent sprays pushed a small amount of water about 80ft down channel. Cistern in light overflow with about a 2ft diameter boil 3 inches high. Emerald Pool: clear and emerald in color, calm with no bubbles, it has a very light overflow.
08 Jul 2021 @ 0634 JSJ Norris Junction seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 6:33 AM major eruption on 8 July 2021.
08 Jul 2021 @ 0634 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 6:33 AM major eruption on 8 July 2021.
08 Jul 2021 @ 0634 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 6:33 AM major eruption on 8 July 2021.
31 May 2021 @ 1143 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 11:43 AM major eruption on 31 May 2021.
31 May 2021 @ 1143 JSJ Norris Junction seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 11:43 AM major eruption on 31 May 2021.
31 May 2021 @ 1143 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 11:43 AM major eruption on 31 May 2021.
05 May 2021 @ 0002 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 12:02 AM major eruption on 5 May 2021.
05 May 2021 @ 0002 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 12:02 AM major eruption on 5 May 2021.
23 Apr 2021 @ 0857 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 8:57 AM major eruption on 23 April 2021.
23 Apr 2021 @ 0857 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 8:57 AM major eruption on 23 April 2021.
16 Apr 2021 @ 1434 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 2:34 PM major eruption on 16 April 2021.
16 Apr 2021 @ 1434 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 2:34 PM major eruption on 16 April 2021.
17 Sep 2018 @ 0936 Tara Video of eruption by Tara Cross.
04 Apr 2021 @ 2328 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's late evening major eruption on 4 April 2021.
27 Mar 2021 @ 1301 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 1:01 PM major eruption on 27 March 2021.
27 Mar 2021 @ 1301 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 1:01 PM major eruption on 27 March 2021.
18 Mar 2021 @ 0344 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 3:44 AM major eruption on 18 March 2021.
18 Mar 2021 @ 0344 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 3:44 AM major eruption on 18 March 2021.
03 Mar 2021 @ 1900 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's evening eruption on 3 March 2021.
21 Feb 2021 @ 1920 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 7:20 PM major eruption on 21 February 2021.
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