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20 May 2019 @ 1523 maj6d 19h 27m
13 May 2019 @ 1956 maj5d 11h 56m
08 May 2019 @ 0800 maj5d 5h 40m
03 May 2019 @ 0220 E maj7d 3h 55m
25 Apr 2019 @ 2225 E maj17d 1h 41m
08 Apr 2019 @ 2044 E maj14d 3h 7m
25 Mar 2019 @ 1737 E maj8d 2h 43m
17 Mar 2019 @ 1454 E maj6d 13h 0m
11 Mar 2019 @ 0154 E maj6d 1h 15m
04 Mar 2019 @ 2339 E maj7d 12h 6m
25 Feb 2019 @ 1133 maj9d 10h 27m
16 Feb 2019 @ 0106 E maj7d 4h 21m
08 Feb 2019 @ 2045 E maj7d 5h 23m
01 Feb 2019 @ 1522 ns maj7d 2h 50m
25 Jan 2019 @ 1232 E maj9d 5h 20m
16 Jan 2019 @ 0712 E maj11d 15h 10m
04 Jan 2019 @ 1602 E maj9d 16h 41m
25 Dec 2018 @ 2321 E maj8d 11h 21m
17 Dec 2018 @ 1159:49 E maj9d 10h 52m
08 Dec 2018 @ 0107 E maj9d 4h 30m
28 Nov 2018 @ 2037 E maj7d 1h 27m
21 Nov 2018 @ 1910 E maj6d 8h 6m
15 Nov 2018 @ 1104 E maj7d 18h 48m
07 Nov 2018 @ 1616 E maj7d 8h 55m
31 Oct 2018 @ 0821 maj7d 12h 52m
23 Oct 2018 @ 1929 maj~8d 5h 17m
15 Oct 2018 @ 1412 maj26m 7d 3h 47m
08 Oct 2018 @ 1025 maj7d 15h 31m
30 Sep 2018 @ 1854 maj6d 13h 36m
24 Sep 2018 @ 0518 maj~1h 0m 6d 19h 42m
17 Sep 2018 @ 0936 maj1h 15m 5d 5h 13m
12 Sep 2018 @ 0423 maj~55m 4d 18h 3m
07 Sep 2018 @ 1020 maj43m 8s 5d 10h 59m
01 Sep 2018 @ 2321 maj5d 2h 9m
27 Aug 2018 @ 2112 E maj5d 9h 29m
22 Aug 2018 @ 1143 maj14m 17d 21h 33m
04 Aug 2018 @ 1410 maj14d 15h 34m
20 Jul 2018 @ 2236 maj22m 14d 8h 59m
06 Jul 2018 @ 1337 maj32m 20d 20h 42m
15 Jun 2018 @ 1655 maj37m 4d 15h 49m
11 Jun 2018 @ 0106 maj6d 16h 2m
04 Jun 2018 @ 0904 maj30m 7d 13h 49m
27 May 2018 @ 1915 maj19m 7d 21h 27m
19 May 2018 @ 2148 maj6d 17h 57m
13 May 2018 @ 0351 E maj8d 4h 36m
04 May 2018 @ 2315 E maj7d 16h 45m
27 Apr 2018 @ 0630 E maj7d 14h 4m
19 Apr 2018 @ 1626 E maj35d 11h 5m
15 Mar 2018 @ 0521 E maj3y 193d 6h 38m
03 Sep 2014 @ 2243 E maj23m 1y 34d 3h 13m
31 Jul 2013 @ 1930 E maj6y 162d 2h 30m
21 Feb 2007 @ 16001y 274d 2h 19m
23 May 2005 @ 1441 maj1y 213d 18h 15m
22 Oct 2003 @ 2026 maj178d 16h 32m
27 Apr 2003 @ 0354 E maj32d 2h 22m
26 Mar 2003 @ 0032 E maj193d 3h 12m
13 Sep 2002 @ 2220 maj140d 20m
26 Apr 2002 @ 2200 ie maj1y 359d 16h 0m
02 May 2000 @ 0600 ie maj8y 214d 14h 11m
02 Oct 1991 @ 1549 maj1y 120d 7h 41m
04 Jun 1990 @ 0808237d 12h 31m
09 Oct 1989 @ 1937 A157d 8h 33m
05 May 1989 @ 1104 maj12m 109d 20h 19m
15 Jan 1989 @ 1345 A maj4y 112d 10m
26 Sep 1984 @ 1435 maj20m 82d 5h 34m
06 Jul 1984 @ 0901 maj8m 23d 9h 11m
12 Jun 1984 @ 2350 maj~19m 19d 19h 5m
24 May 1984 @ 0445 A69d 5h 45m
15 Mar 1984 @ 2200 A93d 13h 0m
13 Dec 1983 @ 0900 A106d 20h 2m
28 Aug 1983 @ 135865d 18h 33m
23 Jun 1983 @ 192516m 47d 19h 25m
07 May 1983 @ 0000 A20d 6h 3m
16 Apr 1983 @ 165714d 16h 57m
02 Apr 1983 @ 0000 A9d 9h 20m
23 Mar 1983 @ 144010d 14h 40m
13 Mar 1983 @ 0000 A12d 0m
01 Mar 1983 @ 0000 A24d 13h 5m
04 Feb 1983 @ 105515d 16h 55m
19 Jan 1983 @ 1800 ie18d 18h 0m
01 Jan 1983 @ 0000 A24d 4h 0m
07 Dec 1982 @ 2000 A24d 10h 0m
13 Nov 1982 @ 1000 A15d 11h 0m
29 Oct 1982 @ 0000 A19d 4h 0m
09 Oct 1982 @ 2000 A19d 9h 23m
20 Sep 1982 @ 103715m 13d 23h 1m
06 Sep 1982 @ 113633d 2h 33m
04 Aug 1982 @ 0903 maj43d 6h 51m
22 Jun 1982 @ 021213d 18h 22m
08 Jun 1982 @ 07506d 20h 36m
01 Jun 1982 @ 111411d 23h 20m
20 May 1982 @ 1154 maj10d 18h 54m
09 May 1982 @ 17004d 19h 43m
04 May 1982 @ 21176d 9h 17m
28 Apr 1982 @ 1200 A4d 6h 43m
24 Apr 1982 @ 04178d 4h 17m
16 Apr 1982 @ 0000 A26d 0m
21 Mar 1982 @ 0000 A10d 15h 0m
10 Mar 1982 @ 0900 A7d 9h 0m
03 Mar 1982 @ 0000 A9d 5h 0m

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Interval Count100
Min4d 6h 43m
Max8y 214d 14h 11m
Mean136d 26m
Median10d 16h 57m

Latest Notes

Note IDStart Time (US/Mountain)End Time (US/Mountain)EntrantNote
11271 20 May 2019 @ 0741 --- JarnoO Logger seems to be operational again. Started logging non-negative temperatures @ 1607:32 MST (1707:32 MDT), with end time 0641:32 MST (0741:32 MDT).
11270 19 May 2019 @ 0627 19 May 2019 @ 1945 bbev 2" of snow and NE wind made viewing difficult. Plenty of concerted play with strong SV and heavy runoff. NV tall and thicck, 40-50'. First vertical splash actually seen was at 0900. IMO NV seemed slightly more active than SV, although SV had numerous vertical minors, whereas NV merely splashed 3-5 ' in the vertical area. 0900 to 1200 strong concerted minors seen from upper deck, NV jetting 50-70', SV vertical 30+' two to three times an hour, but impossible to see if anything from NV approached vertical. Two NV vertical splashes seen at 1219 and 1226. NV continued jetting thicck minors to 50'+. 1330 to 1630, wind change allowed for several NV vertical splashes to be seen. Concerted play continued with SV 30+' and NV jetting to possibly to 60+'. 1655, increased activity. 1700, strong concerted with vertical NV, followed at 1705 by a sustained, concerted NV vertical. 1725 concerted with tall, thicck NV with vert. splash. 1735 Very long, sustained, vertical concerted minor, best of the day, that put a huge amount of water down SV channel, lasting about 20 seconds, followed by NV jetting 60+' but unable to see if vertical due to steam and wind direction. Next hour was relatively quiet followed by an hour of active concerted minors, some NV vertical splashing. Going home at 6 day mark, No eruption yet.
11269 19 May 2019 @ 0600 19 May 2019 @ 1630 RMichaels Steamboat didn't have any exceptional minors during the times observed. By exceptional minors, I mean minors that would formerly be described using the highly subjective and now universally panned terms of "Woo," "Woohoo," "OMG," "Holy S___," etc. Steamboat had periodic increases in activity every few hours, but very few minors with any North Vent vertical play. As Bill mentioned in his note, the wind made for difficult viewing conditions so it's possible vertical play was obscured. Despite the general absence of vertical, North Vent was thick, tall, and voluminous. South Vent produced good runoff and appeared to have frequent vertical play (from what could be seen through the steam). Each vent had good energy and there were quite a few concerted eruptions. That said, it seemed to me like the energy shifted back and forth between North and South vent and they only occasionally matched energy levels. As of my departure time, it looked like a regression in activity compared to yesterday, which had some tall sustained concerted minors with vertical play from both vents that got observers on their feet. One minor at 1156 yesterday even caused one observer to yell "Woo!" in elation and encouragement. No such exclamations occurred in my presence today.
11262 17 May 2019 @ 2000 --- cb nice woowho @ 2028 CNVVSVH, @2045 A HOLY S**T that got us all standing up. CNVV to 80'+ with SVVH with a raging river! WOW!
11261 17 May 2019 @ 1330 17 May 2019 @ 1800 hurleyintjl Woohoo 1431, 1438 Omg 1450 (heavy runoff) Woo 1500 Woohoo 1518 Woo 1533 Woohoo 1554. Good runoff
11257 17 May 2019 @ 1331 --- cb Good water levels in both vents for this time post eruption. (3d18h) Mostly concerted starts but SV occasionally dominates with very tall (granding*ish) play accompanied with good babbling brook+ runoff. NV angled jetting 20' - 35' and will stop when SV dominates the play. (37°) Cistern Spring was to steamy to see clearly but was obviously overflowing.
11249 16 May 2019 @ 1244 16 May 2019 @ 1255 bbev Steady, light runoff at bridge, with increased flow over shoulder of middle rock (2+?). SV appears to have nice 10-15' angled jetting, and NV seen jetting the same. Trough has partially filled with fines and gravel. 1250 NV seen jetting 20'+
11243 15 May 2019 @ 0905 --- cb 41° Steamboat is gently steaming from both vents. Slight gurgling can be heard from the middle platform. SV runoff channel is dry. NV runoff channel still has some pooling in low areas and depressions. Cistern Spring is refilling and water level is 6'' below the rim of the inner tube. It has a 2 point vigorous boil.
11239 14 May 2019 @ 1651 14 May 2019 @ 1705 cb VERY quiet, just gently steaming. All channels dry. Cistern Spring has drained. no visible water, no sounds and no steam (65°)
11237 14 May 2019 @ 0900 14 May 2019 @ 0950 cb SB is rhythmically huffing steam only from both vents. All channels have a trickle of water. Runoff in both channels are a tiny bit cloudy but not milky white. @0915 Cistern Spring was down 3' from the rim of the inner tube and no boil.
11234 14 May 2019 @ 0646 --- Rubick Arrived at steamboat 645. It is in the steam phase. Cistern is about 4 feet down from the top. Runoff Channals have small amounts of water in them milky in color. All of the decks were total ice for about 1/8 of a mile from steamboat. Most of the ice had melted off by 0745. Several notes from yesterday‘s eruption. I arrived at 1130. For most of the day it had runoff’s every 5 - 10 minutes (babbling brooks). I was at the decks for most of the day, I did do several walk around in the lower basin and up to the parking lot. During the day until eruption I did not witness any Wahoos or OMG’s. At 1752 there were a series of Wahoos and OMG’s for approximately 2-3 minutes, Steamboat went dormant for a few seconds and the went into eruption at 1755.
11229 13 May 2019 @ 2040 --- steve The steamboat eruption happen with partly cloudy skies but some of setting sun did peek through. At about 2040 the wind shifted and drenched the platforms, driving most people out
11226 13 May 2019 @ 0640 13 May 2019 @ 1915 bbev Lots of concerted play throughout the day with SV dominating the action. SV had continuous runoff with strong, vertical, sustained minors occurring once or twice an hour. Vertical NV minors were less frequent, and shut down by SV quickly. There were 2 events during the day where NV was sustained for maybe 5 sec. with follow up, impressive con....STEAMBOAT 1956! Radio call at about 1953 of 4-5 BIG minors as l am writing this note at the trailer. Eruption called as we flew into parking lot. Tall, tall, tall seen from Emerald over the trees. l would say tallest of the half dozen l have seen from this perspective. Dirty NV with lots of rocks thrown above the water column. NV turned to steam maybe 15 min in, and SV continued to throw water 20'+ for the time we remained, about 2045. l am sure eruption post will have that info. I was saying that IMO there had been 2 good events that where considered "whoo who", or, concerted, vertical, sustained, tall minors, that get you on your feet. Both of those where followed by another significant, concerted minor within a minute or two. The last of these was recorded at 1454. We had left mid deck at 1915 after, what l had thought, was a relatively active period that had not produced much.
11225 13 May 2019 @ 0800 13 May 2019 @ 1400 Tara After a few isolated larger minors in the early morning, there was a Woo at 0949 and a Woohoo with NV Granding at 1038. From 1148 to 1225 there was a push with good runoff and occasional NV vertical, but the vertical splashes did not exceed 10-15 feet and could not sustain or build. Seemed to be headed into a lull by 1330.
11220 12 May 2019 @ 0730 12 May 2019 @ 1915 cb From 0730 - 1200 the activity has been mostly ( 80%+)concerted NV/SV events. 3 events producing some NV vertical action with significant raging rivers down SV runoff channel! Activity to this point has progressed nicely. Cistern Spring is in overflow with a 2 point vigorous boil. The addition of the boulder against the bridge has changed the ability to dredge the trough of accumulated silt, sand, gravel and rocks. It is down to bedrock directly beneath the runoff channel but the debris is piled up in front of the boulder. @1800 the debris flow has changed direction and is flowing out to the south. 1200 - 2030 had 3 notable events. A 1444 and 2 WOOWHO'S @ 1725 & 1848. @ 2030 there has been an audible increase in SB grumblings and increased sustained concerted events with SV raging rivers.
11205 10 May 2019 @ 1305 10 May 2019 @ 1438 udo Quietly steaming with occasional barely audible huff. SV channel whiter than yesterday (drier?). Cistern is overflowing in all directions with normal (good!) roiling boil over the vent. Both channels trickling at bridge area. ET has some white striping and a white left hip that disappear after wafting steam wets those areas a bit! Weird. Soft rumbles heard after 1400.
11202 10 May 2019 @ 1010 10 May 2019 @ 1035 bbev SB is quiet and steamy. Bubbler 15' directly in front of mid deck appears to be putting out a trickle of water down NV runoff. Bubbler 50' up NV channel also active. SV channel is white and completely dry. Cistern boiling, a little milky, and overflowing out west side, very little to the east. SV runoff still moist but no runoff past bridge. trough is partially filled with fines and small gravel. Large rock has partially dammed the runoff under bridge. Breakout in NV channel has no steam, unchanged..
11193 09 May 2019 @ 1259 --- udo Quietly steaming. SV runoff channel is white. Cistern is totally drained with barely any steam drifting out. Tiny trickles are flowing down both channels, however upper part of SV channel appears dry. Erosion is impressive as is the new boulder that hit the middle of the bridge. Emerald Spring and its neighbor are clear and in overflow.
11191 09 May 2019 @ 1114 09 May 2019 @ 1145 cb SB is gently steaming with an occasional huff. SV is a chalky white color and is dry but has a thin trickle of water flowing down at the bridge. Go figure! Cistern Spring has no visible water, no audible churning sounds and the faintest of steam. "IT" > the "Interesting Thing" in the NV runoff channel was eroded by Steamboats eruption yesterday and has no activity/steam. The trough has an accumulation of fine silt and sand built up in the runoff pool but there is some bedrock visable with coarser gravel closer to the bridge and in front of the new boulder.
11190 08 May 2019 @ 0802 08 May 2019 @ 1930 cb NV was straight up, not angled, most likely because of wind direction blowing toward decker's island. NV stayed in steam phase with a thin stream of water in the middle. Crazy vortex that swirled around this thin thin thin stream of water. Stayed that way most all day. At 1930 NV was starting to huff steam/and this thin stream of water. SV was hard to see, NV steam blocked it. Temps were cold and windy. @ 1930 Cistern Spring was 12 - 14" below the rim of the inner tube.
11187 08 May 2019 @ 1050 08 May 2019 @ 1630 cb @ 1050 SB is in constant steam phase. NV runoff is milky white. I'm not seeing the cycling from steam to water that I've seen in previous eruptions at this stage. @ 1630 SB is a bit quieter but still in steam phase. I saw no mixed water/steam phase today. There is a big bolder nudged up against the bridge at the trough. It was not there last night. Cistern Spring is down 18" from overflow @ 1135. down 2.5' @ 1500. down 3.5' - 4' @ 1625.
11186 08 May 2019 @ 0810 --- Rubick I wanted to add a few things to the RL Jones eruption note. Runoff water was milky white. During the irruption the majority of the water was running down on the East side of canals. It actually washed a rather large rock into the trough. Of course there were water in each of the canals; however, there was knee high water after I crossed the trough bridge. In my opinion leading up to this eruption (05/08/19) there were no Wahoos or OMG‘s. My observations were - Consistent 10-40’ minors from the NV & SV every 5-10 minutes with babbling water. Consistent for 36 hours prior to the eruption. Lastly I wanted to say thanks to all the Gazers for the information and encouragement. Roy
11185 07 May 2019 @ 1745 07 May 2019 @ 2015 RLJones My observations were almost identical to Carol's for both SB and Cistern. I was able to observe SV as the wind direction changed slightly. When NV hit 40 ft SV would be around 20 to 25 ft. Most minors were concerted. Never were any vertical. The larger minors (NV 40 ft) became more frequent after 1830 occurring about every 10 minutes each creating a loud strong rush of water in the main channel. I checked the rock at the bridge and they never went around the left side of the rock. As for Cistern: At 1755 there was light overflow out of the back left corner and the front right and was the same at 2005.
11182 07 May 2019 @ 1637 07 May 2019 @ 1728 cb SB is having some play out of both vents. SV runoff channel has had some nice babbling brooks. @ 1654, put water almost proposing over middle rock. 1658 & 1702, 1704, nice babbling brook. NV angled jetting 30 - 40'. Hard to see SV at middle deck as steam/breeze out of the west. Cistern Spring is barely in overflow. scalloped edges on the rim are visable. Overflow areas on all side are just moist. The "Interesting Breakout Thing" in the NV run off channel south of the boardwalk is not steaming today. ( weather today is snowy and cold) Trough is clear of debris just beneath runoff, (bedrock)but gravel still piled up in front of the bridge. Not sure if it is in the filling or clearing stage.
11176 05 May 2019 @ 1409 05 May 2019 @ 1432 bbev SV splashing enough to moisten the runoff channel that was dry this morning. Trickle of runoff at steerage. Cistern and NV runoff breakout unchanged. No water seen in NV, only quiet steam. 1430 NV spritzing some water.
11172 05 May 2019 @ 0903 05 May 2019 @ 0940 bbev Steamy and lightly rumbling. Area behind SV appears moist. Cistern is full, clear, boiling in two areas in center of pool. Overflowing in all directions as well as lightly to the east into muddy pool. NV channel breakout still steamy and unchanged from last night's observation.
11164 04 May 2019 @ 1537 04 May 2019 @ 1830 cb platform is quiet and gently steaming. No audible sounds. SV runoff channel is white and dry. NV channel has a thin trickle of water. Cistern Spring is filling. water level is about 1.5' below the rim of the inner tube and has a vigorous boil. ** Interesting "newish" this year breakout thing down at the bridge! (edited for those who didn't like the word NEW!) About 20' below the boardwalk, In the NV runoff channel, is a new steaming feature! It looks like a blow out hole! Fine debris built up in a berm around a newly excavated hole with bigger chunks of rock in it. It is the shape of a bath tub, about 3' by 6'. There is a new damp runoff channel that is black and dark gray in color and runs toward Tantalus Creek in 2 channels. Looks like the runoff channel meets up with Tantalus Creek somewhere in the grassy meadow west of Cistern Springs. Above it, north, toward the bw @ the bridge, is a fine deposit of gray mud. It has a strong odor and the steam leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth. It looks like it erupted, excavating a bathtub sized hole, produced runoff and scattered debris! I can hear a hissing/huffing sound. Steam is coming from a side vent and from a depression within the blowout zone. I have photos!
11161 04 May 2019 @ 0620 --- jkgood SB steaming nicely, very soft grumbling just audible. Cistern is boiling vigorously, water is just visible.
11155 03 May 2019 @ 1853 03 May 2019 @ 1907 cb SB is calm and quiet, just gently steaming. SV runoff channel is coated white but still has moist areas down by the bridge that are grayish. NV runoff channel has a thin trickle of water. Cistern Spring is empty. No steam or audible water sounds.
11148 03 May 2019 @ 0732 03 May 2019 @ 1017 bbev Did not hear start from Madison CG. Forcefull steam from NV, SV steamy but less force, light runoff in both channels. Beautiful sunny morning with both decks iced up with icicles everywhere.. Cistern down 20-24" below runoff, clear, no bubbles or boil. Heavy continuous SV runoff cresting shoulder of middle rock. Trough is mostly empty including gravel pit closest to bridge. NV runoff below bridge has eroded remarkably from last year. 0759 water returning to NV, jetting 50-80' and ejecting small rocks .0804 granding, pausing, hoth vents back to water. nv bursting 60 -80' and SV continuous 30-40+'.0808 slight pause, then NV vert to 90+', sv mixed with water still 30+'. 0842 SV turning to mostly steam, past half hour hs been water30+' from SV. NV has been consistently "Granding" 20-80', with some reaching 100'.. 0850 SV returning to water. NV has been non stop for past hour. 0907 SV cycling from water to steam, NV continues to jet to 80'. 1009, no change, SV mostly water, but cycling occasionally to steam. NV jetting and granding to 80+'.
11169 02 May 2019 @ 1400 02 May 2019 @ 1700 Tara Others have more detailed notes about minors as my time at Steamboat was short. In my time at steerage there were several strong flows that moved golf ball size rocks down the channel and overall the overflow was pretty good, though coming mostly from South Vent. North Vent a few vertical splashes during this span, with occasional sustained angled play. We also noted that the grumbling sound could be heard from the lower platform. Also of note was that the "glaze" deposits similar to those observed in late July/early August 2018 were starting to appear in the channel at steerage, but I do not know when that started.
11184 02 May 2019 @ 0940 02 May 2019 @ 1640 Polly Strong concerted minors with vertical surges (Woo-hoos) were seen today at: 0944, 1007 (not as strong as the others), 1110, 1231 (this one was a series of 2), and 1406. We saw a nice vertical series 1609-1620 that produced “raging rivers” (strong runoff). Today & the 2 previous days we often saw long periods of quiet weak minors in between the strong minors. I didn’t record when we first saw the milky coloring begin near the South Vent but I believe it was at about 1400. We all left on the early side due to a windy snowstorm.
11139 01 May 2019 @ 2029 01 May 2019 @ 2050 ypcaribou NV initiating with SV joining in within seconds most of time. Continuous babbling runoff at steerage from 2032 to 2040 with a raging river at 2035 after a sustained bursting. SV burst to tree tops from mid deck concerted with a somewhat shorter NV that was sustained enough to cause an audible raging river about 2045. In short time I was there, mostly shorter and angled bursts though many were concerted. Heard Sandhill Cranes in the basin.
11142 01 May 2019 @ 1801 01 May 2019 @ 1905 bbev Both vents active, mostly SV with angled NV. 1814 sustained solo sv with strong runoff. 1821 strong Concerted Minor seen from steerage, moderate sv runoff. Trough has less debris than last observed by this writer. 1825 another CM, no vert. from NV. 1828 solo, sustained SV with heavy runoff in left side of channel. 1833 another solo, sustained SV with runoff covering middle rock.1842 sustained vertical SV, followed by concerted minor with NV vertical seen from mid deck. Activity increasing. 1901, past 20 min has been frequent angled concerted, nothing strong, or with any substantial runoff. Big concerted minor as we turn to leave. Typical of the fickle b***h
11125 01 May 2019 @ 1545 01 May 2019 @ 1730 JeffL Very nice looking minors. Not many concerted minors or even verticals. SV seemed to be putting out a lot of water while NV didn't seem to be doing much.
11138 01 May 2019 @ 1300 01 May 2019 @ 1430 Polly SB had a “Woo” at 1323. After that, there was an unusually quiet period after 1330 for about 30 minutes. Lots of rumbling, but little water. It started stronger minors with good runoff at 1350. I went to steerage and saw continuous runoff of varying strengths 1404-1416 with a raging river at 1426.
11123 01 May 2019 @ 0930 01 May 2019 @ 1235 cb From steerage: the Trough is dredged to bedrock right under the run off channel. quarter size and bigger debris collected just in front of the bridge. It looks like SB had some nice minor activity overnight as the run off channel had running water with ice formations all the way on the left side. Impressive run off at Steerage all morning. Nice concerted minors with impressive SV runoff but most of the play is SV dominated. 2 NV vertical play at 1104 & 1140. We will stop on our way home tonight. more later.
11232 30 Apr 2019 @ 1125 30 Apr 2019 @ 1335 Polly North Vent stronger than South most of today. A couple of vertical North Vent minors seen today. Most minors had concerted starts, but durations were on the short side with several seconds between them. Runoff volume was decent at times.
11115 28 Apr 2019 @ 1145 --- cb very quiet. barely any steam. VERY VERY faint low murmur sounds. I can hear Ledge from lower platform!
11098 27 Apr 2019 @ 0846 27 Apr 2019 @ 0900 bbev Steamboat quietly steaming, south vent run off dry. No water seen in brief visit. No water visible in Cistern from above. Cistern lightly steaming and can barely hear water. Trough area definitely has eroded over the winter, and is partially filled with sand and gravel.
11107 27 Apr 2019 @ 0808 --- ypcaribou Quietly steaming with a gentle huffing deep in the vent.
11085 26 Apr 2019 @ 1212 26 Apr 2019 @ 1331 cb Post eruptive observation. Both vents still in continuous water phase. SV 10 -15', NV 30 - 50' steady continuous water jets. Nice grumbling sounds. Constant stream of runoff down SV channel. The steaming vent to the south appears larger than last fall and is huffing steam. @1319 SV runoff channel is damp but no longer has water. SB is fluctuating between water and steam and is quieter with some huffing sounds. Cistern Spring is 4' below the inner tube and the pool is clear and blue. It has some gentle bubbles on the west side. New thing to note > On Jabba's south ear there are 2 new small areas (vents?) that we observed steaming today. @1315 Cistern Spring pool has dropped another 4". Emerald Spring is a BEAUTIFUL turquoise greenish color and calm.
11079 25 Apr 2019 @ 0900 25 Apr 2019 @ 1900 Tom C. No eruption yet. Looked about the same as Tues. With, possibly, one notable exception. In my very subjective opinion, sometime before 1530 silica started to rapidly accrete in the runoff channel, turning it a slightly greyish white. By ~1800, it was white all the way to the top of 'bottom rock', with some faint zebra striping in the first 6' or so of the delta. The breakout springs just S. of Vixen also seemed to be much more silica-laden as well. With the one closest to the boardwalk being a gorgeous opalescent blue. This may imply an influx of hotter silica saturated waters. Or not. IIRC, this phenomenon [whitening of the r-o channel] was first observed following last year's disturbance. Either just before or during the 7/6 major. Trough substantially dredged, but runoff flow has changed quite a bit from last Fall. 'Amphitheater' on right side of trough still pretty full. Still about 4" of gravel covering area between trough and bridge. Edit:@Tara I definitely had that note in mind. As well as Udo's 7/6/18 entry "What's different with this from the others I've seen is this runoff was milky, not muddy..." and Bill's 7/7/18 note "There is a steady flow of milky water in both runoff channels at the bridge..." Neither of these actually talks about the color of the r-o channel itself, just the r-o. And I wasn't there on those dates. So I probably conflated all three. Who's to say what I was thinking, really? My apologies for any confusion this may have caused. But I think my pseudoscience supposition still stands.
11072 24 Apr 2019 @ 1500 24 Apr 2019 @ 1940 ddshepard Increased number and intensity of minors after about 17:30 as compared to earlier this afternoon. Notable Woo Hoo at 19:25
11067 24 Apr 2019 @ 0730 24 Apr 2019 @ 1500 udo Woo-hoos 0736 & 0931 & 0952 & 1049 & 1207. Minors are stronger and more vertical with greater runoff than yesterday. ET is rust, no longer gold colored. Additional concerted vertical minors 0743 0813 0824 0924 0933 0957 1104 1138 1220 1227
11064 23 Apr 2019 @ 1730 23 Apr 2019 @ 1800 Tom C. A series of good minors with 2 woo-hoos.
11055 23 Apr 2019 @ 0700 23 Apr 2019 @ 1600 RMichaels Some good vertical minors out of North from 0730-0800. One Woohoo minor at 1133, which was the most promising event during my observations. Activity seemed to slow down a little throughout the afternoon.
11049 22 Apr 2019 @ 1730 22 Apr 2019 @ 2015 Micah Kipple Steamboat continues to progress, although at a slower pace than the past several notes. When I arrived at Steamboat at 1730 There had just been a nice Woo-hoo! minor that was apparently the best activity of the day as reported by RMichaels and Tom C. At 1737 there was another Woo-hoo! That put a nice surge down the runoff channel. Throughout the rest of my detailed note taking from 1730 until 1830 there were no more Woo-hoos. The activity is dominated by South Vent which is voluminous and frequently sending up brief vertical jets that sustain for perhaps up to 5 seconds. No more 4 volume washes were seen down the runoff channel to the end of the detailed note taking section (1830). But at 1845 there was a nice Woo-Hoo! Minor, and things began to pick up a little. A brief lull of a few minutes was suddenly ended by two consecutive HOLY CUSS events at 1900 and 1902 that sent a flood of dirty, debris-filled water down the runoff channel and made some pretty good progress on dredging the trench some more. These were the two largest events of the day and this interval observed by far. Still, the activity is mostly voluminous concerted eruptions with a few mediocre vertical shots occasionally interrupted by Woo-Hoos! I remained until 2015 to see if there would be any more OMGs or HOLY CUSS events but there were none.
11050 22 Apr 2019 @ 0810 22 Apr 2019 @ 2015 RMichaels I observed Steamboat from 0810 until 2015. Per a report from another observer who arrived earlier, Steamboat had a couple of concerted sustained vertical minors at about 0730. At 0935 there was a concerted minor with sustained vertical in South and briefly sustained vertical in North (a woo as opposed to a woohoo, to use the common parlance). There was a concerted sustained eruption from both vents at 1037 (woohoo). There was another peak in activity from 1320-1340, but it was mostly dominated by South Vent. This type of activity categorized most of the afternoon. South Vent had sustained vertical minors with good runoff. North vent had good volume and many of its minors were concerted with South, but none had large or sustained vertical play. This type of energy waxed and waned on about an hourly cycle for the better part of the afternoon and evening. There were strong minors at 1737 (woo) and 1805 (woohoo). At 1845 there was another strong minor (woohoo), followed by a huge false start at 1859. The 1845 and 1859 events came after a long period of North vent having angled minors with very good volume in concert with sustained vertical minors from South. The false start was followed by another powerful minor within a minute or two. After that the activity slowly quieted down. North vent still had some vertical minors, though they grew less frequent leading to my departure at 2015. In short: no eruption yet.
11041 21 Apr 2019 @ 0730 21 Apr 2019 @ 1730 RMichaels I observed Steamboat from 0730 until 1730. I concur with the notes posted by Micah and JeffL. The wind direction and heavy steam from Steamboat made it impossible to view the vents from steerage today except for early in the morning. Visibility was also not great from the main platform, so most of my observation from noon on was from the upper platform. North and South vents continued to progress and have voluminous and sustained eruptions at times. South was hard to see, but it had a fair amount of vertical splashing when it was visible. North had some vertical, but not much. I saw what looked like "granding" two times, though neither time was very tall. I didn't see any concerted sustained vertical minors . . . though it is possible they occurred and I just couldn't see them. I checked steerage a number of times throughout the day. Runoff was significant at times and the trough at the bridge continues to dredge slowly. The runoff channel has also changed quite a bit, so measurements using middle rock may not be quite as useful as in the past (sorry Micah) to gauge the amount of water coming down. I'm surprised at how quickly the activity is progressing considering how dismal it looked on Friday.
11040 21 Apr 2019 @ 1534 21 Apr 2019 @ 1615 JeffL Good flow out in runoff. Steerage only has some dirt. Had some very good minors out of both vents. NV went near vertical a couple of times. SV had a good amount of water coming out of it. Hard to see if SV was going vertical just due to the amount of steam both vents were putting out.
11038 21 Apr 2019 @ 0800 21 Apr 2019 @ 1230 Micah Kipple I observed Steamboat from 0800 to approximately 1230. Most of that time was spent down at Steerage logging runoff but the last half hour (during which time no detailed notes were taken) was spent on the Lower Platform watching minors. In short, activity has continued to progress since last evening. South Vent is strong, with frequent voluminous minors that occasionally get vertical and send nice discharge down the runoff channel. North Vent is also more active but not to the same extent, voluminous but staying mostly angled. Concerted eruptions were more frequent this morning but still not as frequent as we should probably like. At 0836 there was a Woo-hoo minor that sent a nice surge down the runoff channel. 45 minutes later at 0917 there was a solid OMG! that sent RMichaels and I jumping to our feet with exclamations, there was brief, but solid granding in North and South Vent was doing it's best Fan impression. Those were the two strongest minors seen. Throughout the rest of my time there was a peppering of decent, but brief minors with some vertical play and heavy runoff. The trench is slowly being dredged, with some change from last night, specifically an absence of finer sediment, with most clasts being pea-softball sized. It will take some more strong minors to clear everything out.
11029 20 Apr 2019 @ 1840 20 Apr 2019 @ 2015 Micah Kipple I observed Steamboat from around 1840 to 2015 . I spent an hour from 1840-1940 at Steerage logging runoff over middle rock and observing the trench. The trench is filling rapidly with gravel. Each wave of runoff, even small ones, are sending gravel into the trough. "Elvis" rock is undercut by several inches now. The runoff channel has been scarred and heavily altered since the winter with large patches missing and new large rocks and debris. As for the minors themselves. What I saw seemed to be an improvement of the observations by Jeff L. There is some nice strong South and North action. With both throwing some vertical shots in occasionally during stronger concerted minors. There were several heavy concerted (but NOT vertical) minors that put water about halfway up Middle rock (2.5-3 on my runoff scale). After I finished my hour of detailed observations. I headed up to the Lower Platform where I observed three consecutive strong concerted minors (2003, 2007, and 2010) that put a flood of water with visible rocks roughly the size of tennis balls down the channel. It looked like it would have covered middle rock. The first minor in that cluster started out with some vertical shots but did not sustain, and the two following were weaker and shorter, but still had decent volume.
11010 20 Apr 2019 @ 1148 20 Apr 2019 @ 1310 JeffL Had a few nice minors out of both vents. Nothing vertical or concerted. Steerage is still dirty but the runoff is pretty wet and starting to clear out some of the dirt and gravel. Some nice bellows coming from the vents as well. A lot of play out of SV, but not so much out of NV.
11003 19 Apr 2019 @ 0945 19 Apr 2019 @ 1025 ypcaribou Steaming but no water splashing seen nor heard at 0945 from lower platform, or rest of time while walking to and from Arch Steam Vent. Channels dry save a trickle. Full of gravel at bottom of hill at steerage.
10995 19 Apr 2019 @ 0925 19 Apr 2019 @ 1015 RMichaels Boardwalk to Steamboat is open. Steamboat very quiet. Only occasional splashing from either vent. South Vent runoff channel completely dry. Cistern in light overflow with one boil in center. Suspect there may be ongoing disturbance affecting at least the back basin because two features near Orby were having muddy eruptions. Porkchop also had no water in it. I didn't do a full tour of the back basin but it appeared from a casual glance that many typically quiet features were erupting or had more water than usual. I spaced out looking at Emerald to see if it was cloudy/boiling. I believe others made more detailed observations.
10996 19 Apr 2019 @ 0920 --- Janet White Steaming - only saw one splash. Cistern overflowing and boiling. Videos at
10992 09 Apr 2019 @ 0920 --- Janet White Steaming gently. Only saw one splash. Cistern is full and overflowing with boiling.
10954 05 Mar 2019 @ 0130 --- JoeN water reached the Tantalus creek water gauge at ~0045 and peaked at ~0100 according to the Tantalus Creek Gauge table display
10798 26 Dec 2018 @ 1035 --- Janet White In steam phase. No water seen. Quiet enough that you didn’t hear it until almost to the platforms. The upper platform had about a 1/2 inch of ice. The lower platform was covered in enough ice to support 7 people without breaking. It thinned out as you went down the trail to Cistern, but then it broke up and I didn’t care to post hole my way to see where Cistern’s water level was.
10771 14 Dec 2018 @ 1229 --- hurleyintjl YNM seismo down again
10770 14 Dec 2018 @ 1128 --- STS YNM Seismo back online
10768 14 Dec 2018 @ 0618 --- STS YNM Seismograph offline
10767 13 Dec 2018 @ 2121 --- Kevin L Seismo came back online at 1520 without a loss of data for the time is was blank.
10764 13 Dec 2018 @ 0814 --- TheHikingDude Seismograph is down
10718 04 Nov 2018 @ 1042 --- MAB Light splashes seen, and inferred by steam seen later in Back Basin, but nothing is clearing the immediate vent areas. Snow in both runoff channels - trough full of sands and gravels, ...and slushy water. Cistern in good overflow, muddy pool full and surrounded by white snow.
10694 31 Oct 2018 @ 0828 31 Oct 2018 @ 1400 Tom C. Fickle B. went while I was en route. Saw the column from Gibbon meadows @ 828. Screw it - I'm counting it as water. (Also saw some spikes from Elk Park, the parking rink, and Emerald.) So 12 this year: 1 steam, 1 water/steam, 10 water, 8 from start. No runoff seen anywhere other than E. and W. main channels. Still in steam at 1400. No weirdness up to that time. So much ice on the car cover that I've got it thawing in the tub. The larger (6-12') trees N. of SB were so ice laden when I left, they were bent over 90 degrees.
10689 30 Oct 2018 @ 1900 30 Oct 2018 @ 2000 steve I stopped for one more look, mostly in the dark. I heard 4 good minors, they appeared to start with the north vent tall and not quite vertical. South joined in 5-10 seconds later 10-20+ feet with loud run off. Part of me still thinks I was a fool to leave, but the wise words of Bill Warnock gave me strength to get some sleep and come back in the morning.
10690 30 Oct 2018 @ 0830 30 Oct 2018 @ 1730 Tom C. Saw a chipmunk and two ravens. N. Vent seems ready to go. Tall, sustained and frequently vertical. S. Vent seems to be lagging [seldom vertical, poor runoff from good minors] but improved during the day. When S. Vent did chime in, it usually resulted in Whoo-hoo or H-S level minors; some w/ good runoff, some without, but seldom back-to-back and usually brief. Trough dredged. Overall, slightly ahead of where I thought it would be. BWTFDIK?
10688 29 Oct 2018 @ 1450 29 Oct 2018 @ 1626 udo Trough is 95% dredged. Rumbling nicely. Some concerted minors. Nothing vertical or voluminous during my brief stay.
10685 29 Oct 2018 @ 0820 --- iflykc10s Quietly steaming, hard to see through the snow. Can hear some splashing but no major water in the runoff channel. Boardwalk very dangerous.
10674 28 Oct 2018 @ 1700 --- MAB Morning 6 minute stop had one solo angled NV about 30' followed by a fairly beefy SV to 10', then again with North not as tall. I thought they were alternating a bit until I saw single skinny NV jets with no S. Later concerted action was 30' North and 10' South. At 945 the trough was full of sands and gravels. At my 1700 walk by the trough looked a little cleaner - away from the wall about 1.5 inches, but still quite full. Some of the finer materials were washed away from the wall leaving only the gravels, but it's still heavy sand near the bridge. While I watched several red bb's and red peas came bounding downhill to join their buddies in the trough - so that could explain the larger materials being there. Didn't stop at the platform on the way out but did see a 20' NV and not much from S. Cistern had a gentle boil, hard to see in the a.m., but I wouldn't even call it moderate.
10673 28 Oct 2018 @ 1530 --- iflykc10s Observation from 13:00 to 15:30. Cistern overflowing, Strong minors with lots of water. Most jets were angled between 50' and 100' about every 3 - 5 minutes. Have videos will post later tonight.
10662 24 Oct 2018 @ 1500 24 Oct 2018 @ 1601 harpjane Gentle puffs of steam. We could not see any water in Cistern. I would say it was fully drainer. I don't know how to edit my observation of the eruption but after reconsidering I would say the water phase was more like 45 minutes, not an hour. I still see that giant wall of water every time I close my eyes!
10659 24 Oct 2018 @ 0930 24 Oct 2018 @ 1330 Tom C. Both vents jetting constant water from 0930 through 1200. N, from 15-80', S. from 10-40'. At no time did either vent pause. Just before noon there was a phase shift. Both vents went to ~50% steam, and water height diminished. By 1230 both vents were ~75% steam. By 1330 mostly steam with a water component to 3-12' from both vents. I'd guess Cistern was 4-5' from empty when I left (water at bottom of SE alcove).
10657 22 Oct 2018 @ 1855 22 Oct 2018 @ 2000 RLJones Minors continued at same frequency between 1855 and 2000. None were as large as we observed earlier in the day as reported by Kitt
10656 22 Oct 2018 @ 1855 --- Kitt B No Steamboat eruption as of 1855. This afternoon we had more vertical from North Vent . South Vent was much stronger this afternoon. There were several woohoos with the ones at 1517 and 1623 showing great promise. From 1215 to 1220, I heard a new sound from Steamboat. It sounded like "thrumming" or a low toned rumble sound like a rumble strip, but definitely from Steamboat.
10654 21 Oct 2018 @ 2100 21 Oct 2018 @ 2300 harpjane Beautiful moonlit night but no eruption.
10653 21 Oct 2018 @ 1825 21 Oct 2018 @ 2000 RLJones The minors became more frequent starting at about 1900. Higher than we observed earlier today. They still are not vertical
10652 21 Oct 2018 @ 1825 --- Kitt B No Steamboat eruption yet. We had a couple Concerted with vertical between 1200 and 1300 followed by a lengthy quiet time with little activity. Trough is partially dredged due to babbling Brooks with 3 raging rivers. Cistern is full and overflowing with a boil that varied from little to most of the pool. Emerald is clear and overflowing.
10651 21 Oct 2018 @ 0900 21 Oct 2018 @ 1600 Tom C. Said to look better than yesterday. Some vertical elements in S, Vent early. First meek vertical in N. about 1245. Good minor push from 1300-1330 with a couple of Whoo-hoos. That took the trough from being about 1/4 dredged to 1/2 dredged. Nothing of note until a sustained but weak vertical minor about 1500, followed by some Billing 10 min. later. Then nothing before I left. Trough still 1/2 dredged at 1600. Cistern was witnessed several times to have wide area of boiling (3 vent) to 4-6" which disturbed nearly the entire pool. And was once reported to be boiling but from a fairly calm pool. More bubblers have reactivated in the W. runoff channel below the middle obs. deck. Eventually putting water all the way to the bridge.
10637 20 Oct 2018 @ 1740 --- MAB Trough is still full of gravels and sands, a little less of the finer silt than yesterday
10638 20 Oct 2018 @ 1040 20 Oct 2018 @ 1740 MAB I stopped by post-hike to see who was watching what. Bob Jones reports minors and South V flows more frequent after 1400 today. North V 30'-40', South V 20'. Bursts not quite vertical yet.
10624 19 Oct 2018 @ 1241 --- MAB North V angled burst seen - visitor had been there 30m and that was the first activity she had seen. Trough is full of gravels, sand and silt.
10613 15 Oct 2018 @ 1845 15 Oct 2018 @ 1945 bburrus After seeing that steamboat went off this morning went to go check it out for the last time this year. I leave Yellowstone in a few days it's been a fun summer. Getting to see steamboat was the highlight while working at the Canyon Lodge Gift shop. When me and Jon arrived NV was is a mixed water/steam phase and SV was all steam and stayed that way until we left. Cistern spring was down about 6-10". Some water coming down the NV channel. It was fun to meet and talk with all the geyser gazers this year.
10609 14 Oct 2018 @ 1630 14 Oct 2018 @ 1718 Suzanne One strong vertical minor from North Vent to the height of the trees at 16:37 that produced noisy babbling brook runoff, but it was not sustained. Following 15 minutes had decent minors with 1 follow up vertical from North Vent at 16:50, not as strong. Activity decreased afterwards. Small vertical surges from North Vent as I was leaving at 17:18 (sucker surges?). It was the best period of activity I had seen all day. Hopefully bodes well for tomorrow (and not in the dark overnight).
10608 14 Oct 2018 @ 0830 14 Oct 2018 @ 1600 Tom C. Meh. Poor visibility. Improved during the day. Similar to last Sunday, but with more from N. (mostly angled) and seemingly less from S. Trough was mostly dredged after a decent minor around 930. Had accumulated more debris by 1600. At best 2 Micah 5's during observation period. With maybe 2 more 4micahs. Some decent minors with poor runoff. Suzanne called (thank you Suzanne) a minor with good N. vertical as I was driving past Elk Park. So, at least it has learned a new trick to go along with the only other trick it knew (good concerted vertical minor with good runoff whenever anyone packed up to leave). Yay?
10602 13 Oct 2018 @ 0800 13 Oct 2018 @ 1030 Suzanne Majority of North and South Vent minors were angled and not large. Trench was only partially dredged. Small vertical minors seen from North Vent at 846, 907, 927, and 929. 927 was weak, 929 was sustained. They produced babbling brook runoff.
10595 08 Oct 2018 @ 1700 --- Tom C. No water has returned yet. Still in roaring, guttural steam phase.
10592 08 Oct 2018 @ 1440 08 Oct 2018 @ 1559 udo Audible shift in steam phase may be the beginning of a shift to mixed phase. Repeated at 1523. Longer sputtering (motorboating?) started at 1547 and again about 1557. More water appears to be entering steam plume with each change. Also raining heavier in whichever direction wind is blowing. Sounds like a higher pitched sputtering (motorboating?) than the low rumble. These shifts also displayed a rooster tail of water centered in the steam that grew in size with each one. Had to leave around 1600 but my guess is the mixed phase was still hours away by then.
10585 07 Oct 2018 @ 0830 07 Oct 2018 @ 1800 Tom C. Trough dredged. Medium minors with medium runoff. Never tried to erupt. Saw 2 decent verticals out of N. Vent, might have heard two others. Never saw much of S., Vent due to N. wind.
10576 06 Oct 2018 @ 0915 06 Oct 2018 @ 1800 dfriz No eruption as of 1800. NV and SV had what appeared to be strong concerted minors most of the afternoon. There seemed to be a lot of energy. I would not be surprised to learn that Steamboat erupts overnight tonight.
10567 05 Oct 2018 @ 1257 05 Oct 2018 @ 1320 bbev Both vents actively putting up water. SV 5-10' but no runoff. NV 15-20' jetting every 2-3 min. Some concerted play. SV runoff just a trickle, and trough is still empty of gravel. Good-bye buddy, hope to see you again next Spring. Go Steamboat!!
10566 05 Oct 2018 @ 0808 05 Oct 2018 @ 0811 bbev 2" of snow! Very little runoff if any from SV. Some jetting from both vents.
10556 04 Oct 2018 @ 1259 04 Oct 2018 @ 1314 bbev Some deep huffing from both vents, 1312 light splash from NV no water seen from SV. Trough remains empty of any gravel as SV is not putting out any water yet. CS is overflowing with moderate to light boil and has cleared to a pale blue
10539 03 Oct 2018 @ 1302 --- cb platform quiet and dry with gentle billows of steam. Cistern Spring is not at overflow level. 12+" Below overflow and is a muddy, greenish color with a 2 vent boil. 1740 Cistern Spring is in overflow on the west end toward Corporal. This is my last post for Steamboat 2018 :(
10529 02 Oct 2018 @ 1250 02 Oct 2018 @ 1305 bbev SB quiet and steamy. No water visible in Cistern but can hear water and very steamy. Trough is mostly empty with fine silt deposited on bridge side.
10520 01 Oct 2018 @ 1923 --- bbev Quiet huffing from NV, no water in either vent , SV runoff dry. Cistern drained, no sight or sound of any water.
10513 01 Oct 2018 @ 1019 01 Oct 2018 @ 1046 bbev Both vents throwing continuous water, NV 10-80+', SV 10-30', clean and no rocks. Boardwalk to Cistern closed due to icy conditions. Cistern drained 4-6" below rim of inner tube. Water is cloudy, possibly due to heavy SB runoff that was flowing into it last night. Moderate runoff at bridge (scale2-3?), water milky and trench is free of gravel.
10506 30 Sep 2018 @ 1800 --- SteveO No Steamboat as of 1800
20 May 2019 @ 1523 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 3:23 PM-onward major eruption on 20 May 2019.
20 May 2019 @ 1523 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 3:23 PM-onward major eruption on 20 May 2019.
13 May 2019 @ 1956 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 7:55 PM-onward major eruption on 13 May 2019.
13 May 2019 @ 1956 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 7:55 PM-onward major eruption on 13 May 2019.
08 May 2019 @ 0800 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 8:00 AM-onward major eruption on 8 May 2019.
08 May 2019 @ 0800 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 8:00 AM-onward major eruption on 8 May 2019.
03 May 2019 @ 0220 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 2:20 AM-onward major eruption on 3 May 2019.
03 May 2019 @ 0220 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 2:20 AM-onward major eruption on 3 May 2019.
25 Apr 2019 @ 2225 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 10:25 PM-onward major eruption on 25 April 2019.
25 Apr 2019 @ 2225 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 10:25 PM-onward major eruption on 25 April 2019.
08 Apr 2019 @ 2044 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 8:44 PM-onward major eruption on 8 April 2019.
08 Apr 2019 @ 2044 JarnoO Spike as seen on USGS' Tantalus Creek gauge. First spike (to 6.53 cfps @ 2030 MDT) is due to precipitation. Second spike is Steamboat's: max. cfps: 6.67 @ 2215; before increase: 5.71 cfps @ 2145. Delta = 0.96 cfps.
08 Apr 2019 @ 2044 JarnoO Trace as seen on YNM.
08 Apr 2019 @ 2044 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 8:44 PM-onward major eruption on 8 April 2019.
08 Apr 2019 @ 2044 JoeN YNM Seismograph
08 Apr 2019 @ 2044 JoeN YNM Seismograph
25 Mar 2019 @ 1737 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph showing Steamboat Geyser's 5:37 PM major eruption on 25 March 2019.
25 Mar 2019 @ 1737 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 5:37 PM major eruption on 25 March 2019.
17 Mar 2019 @ 1454 JSJ Tantalus Creek discharge graph with water volume spike from Steamboat Geyser's 2:54 PM major eruption on 17 March 2019.
17 Mar 2019 @ 1454 JSJ Norris Museum seismogram showing Steamboat Geyser's 2:54 PM major eruption on 17 March 2019.
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