Eruption 1080392

Time:1729 A
Time Entered:2019-05-28 09:11:58
Time Uploaded:2019-05-28 15:50:27
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for iOS
Comments:We where there for the start of today’s steamboat. I don’t have an exact start due to the “Steamboat adrenaline” that kicks in. When I thought to look we were getting deluged by Steamboat water and there was no way my phone was coming out! About an hour or so before the major the minors picked up and became larger, both in height and water volume. There were about 5-6 OMG (for me anyway) minors during this time. All of them would start with a sudden, strong, and tall angled burst from north vent. This burst would die out and would then be followed by “normal” angled play from north vent that would turn to vertical. The minor that turned to the major didn’t really look that great. It started like the others but had a much longer duration. North vent would fluctuate between angled and vertical several times. I really didn’t think it was good enough to start but commented out loud that it had to go just due to the duration of the minor. Then it went. The water phase was short, I felt it to be only a few minutes but others timed it at about 10 mins. We were on the upper platform but both received heavy water and I wasn’t able to take any pics of the water phase. We got soaked! The steam phase was much stronger than the 5-27-18 eruption we saw. Just an incredible experience!

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