Eruption 1083227

Geyser:Other Geyser
Time Entered:2019-06-05 21:57:15
Time Updated:2019-06-23 20:14:26
Time Uploaded:2019-06-23 20:14:26
Observer:James St. John
Comments:"Singlet Geyser", in one of Doublet Pool's runoff channels. Saw three eruptions from 1259 to 1559 (closed intervals): 1259 to 1306 (started slowing down at late 1303; picked up energy again at 1304; done at 1306, followed by a relatively quick pool drain), 1451 to 1456 (at first, a wimpy eruption for this feature; done at 1456, with pool drain after), 1558 to 1559 (short eruption, followed by a pool drain). Actually - zoomed-in video footage shows water still in basin after an eruption, at a low level, gently pulsing. Saw this in footage taken at 1457 & 1458. See attachment.

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Clips 1-4 of this video compilation (= beginning to time stamp 3:04) show Singlet Geyser's 12:59 to 1:06 PM eruption on 5 June 2019. Clips 7-9 (time stamp 4:09 to 4:53) show the 2:51 to 2:56 PM eruption the same day.
Entrant: JSJ
Time Entered:2019-06-23 20:16:36
Time Uploaded:2019-06-23 20:16:36