Eruption 1141382

Geyser:Fan and Mortar Event Cycle
Time Entered:2019-08-09 17:42:08
Time Updated:2019-08-09 17:45:11
Time Uploaded:2019-08-09 19:48:48
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Comments:Walked up to good BV and LM water at 1001. R on 1008. MV splash 1009. R off at 1010 for River Pause. Pause lasted 25 min. with some good MV splashing (nothing that was tall enough to completely escape vent, but more substantial and sustained than mere spritzing). R on 1033. Last good MV splash I noted was 1035. BV had good water, with channel wet nearly to the river. Some water seen in UM's cone, but nothing that constituted a surge. R off again at 1044 for 2nd R Pause. R back on at 1047 for 3 min. pause. G on 1053 and levels poor. A on 1058. Levels were poor throughout. There was a slight increase at 1117 but still variable at best. R off 1128 to end cycle. Did not note any back vent activity.

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