Eruption 1148984

Time Entered:2019-09-25 15:44:49
Time Updated:2019-09-28 12:54:03
Time Uploaded:2019-09-28 12:54:10
Entrant:Kitt B
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Comments:Steamboat was just climbing above the trees as viewed from outside the restroom at 0622. 0622 was probably the start. Warren Parrot and I watched the water plume climb as we hurried to get to the platform.Steamboat was very loud 1 minute into the eruption, then at about 3 minutes in it went almost eerily quiet, but we could still see the column of water. About 5 minutes into the eruption the sound returned, but the roaring was diminished. Due to a wind shift the boardwalks went from dry to treacherous during the 15 minute water phase. We had 2 pauses/restarts at 0757 and 0759. After that the wind shifted and water no longer ran down the hill back into North vent, so the pauses quit. Around 0900 the water once again ran down the hill into the North vent and pauses started again at 0904. We had a total of about 20 pauses. I have seen pauses during other eruptions, but these were different South vent would go to a roaring steamphase and North vent would quit. South Vent would either stop for 1-2 seconds or slow down, then South Vent would rise into a strong, fan-shaped V. South Vent would do this 2-3 times. North Vent would have small splashes and finally join South Vent sending muddy water skyward. Everyone enjoyed the pauses/restarts and they were a nice consolation for the many gazers that arrived after the water phase. Ben VL will be putting in a detailed summary for this eruption.

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