Eruption 1196758

Geyser:Fan and Mortar Event Cycle
Time Entered:2020-06-05 13:48:51
Time Updated:2020-08-18 07:48:02
Time Uploaded:2020-08-18 07:48:08
Submitted to:GeyserTimes for Android
Comments:Main splash at 1115 during quiet period between cycles. River on 1118. Gold on 1122. Main vent roars at 1125. Gold and River off for Gold pause at 1127. First Main splash 1128. River on at 1129 for 2 min. gold pause. River off again 1130 to start River pause. Many large Main vent splashes above cone from 1133-1141. River on 1142 to end 12 min. River pause. River off 1150 for second River pause. 1154 small splash in Upper Mortar. 1158 vertical Main splash three feet above cone. Bottom Vent channel wet to Firehole at 1159. 1202 River on to end second River pause (pause of 12 min.). River off again for third pause after Main splash at 1208. 1209 jet of water low in Upper Mortar's cone. Last Main splash 1211. River on 1213 to end third River pause (5 min. River pause). Gold on 1215. Water levels excellent with High and Gold having nearly uninterrupted jetting for 7 min. Water levels decreased to variable, then came back with Angle at 1226. High began sustained jetting to 8+ ft. Gold was pooling and steady to 4 ft. I nearly called a lock at 1233 before water levels dropped to variable and never really came back. No surges from Upper Mortar, but water audible and occasionally visible in cone. Event cycle essentially over at 1250. Best energy I've seen from F&M in a long time.

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